Graduate Program in the Biomedical Sciences

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

The Individual Development Plan for Graduate Students

At Einstein, we recognize the importance of the individual development plan as an integral part of the student’s training. We utilize myIDP (AAAS Science Careers). myIDP was first introduced at Einstein following a series of workshops for students and faculty, led by Dr. Philip Clifford (now at University of Illinois, Chicago), who was one of the originators of myIDP. Periodically, guest speakers invited through our Career and Professional Development Program re-visit the concept of the IDP and emphasize its critical role in the development of career ideas and plans.


To insure that each student completes and updates myIDP, the Student Advisory Committee meeting report now requires the faculty to ask whether the student has updated the IDP in the past year and if any assistance or feedback is needed.


  • Shortly after the 1st year Orientation, graduate students participate in a workshop introducing myIDP and guiding them through the first steps of the process.
  • After the 2nd year and completion of the Qualifying Exam, students will again attend a workshop (beginning Summer 2017) and will be guided though the next stages.
  • Since the IDP should be periodically reviewed and updated throughout training, all 4th year students will meet for a workshop prior to the annual thesis workshops (beginning Fall, 2017) on updating and utilizing their IDP.