Graduate Program in the Biomedical Sciences


Oct 03, 2023
4:00 PM
12th Annual Qualification Jubilation
Forchheimer Medical Science Building Robbins Auditorium


Nov 02, 2023
5:30 PM
PhD Alumni Career Speed Networking (Inaugural) Event
Forchheimer Medical Science Building Lower Ed Center

Thesis Defense Seminars

Currently no information available on upcoming Thesis Seminars




Each graduate student must register each semester during the designated registration periods. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain their full-time status by registering accordingly. Failure to register may jeopardize the student status.

  • If a student is doing solely thesis research, the student must register for full-time Thesis Research (12 credits in fall and spring; 6 credits in summer).
  • If a PhD student has successfully completed the thesis defense, but has not yet submitted all the final required forms for the doctoral degree prior to the start of the subsequent semester, the student must still register for Thesis Research during the next registration period.
  • If an MD-PhD student has successfully defended, but has not yet began the clinical rotations, the student must still register for Thesis Research during the next registration period.

First Year Students: Registration for first year students is in accordance with advisory sessions with the associate dean, senior academic advisor, faculty advisor to first-year PhD students, and/or MSTP director.

Students beyond the first year are expected to seek out advice on course selection from the associate dean, program directors, Student Advisory Committee, and/or mentor(s).

Registration dates are posted annually on the academic calendar.

Course add/drop and withdrawal dates are posted on the academic calendar as well as the graduate course schedule.

More information about registration and course requirements are available in the Academic Policies and Guidelines.

How to Register

Course Planning

Course Schedules and Catalogs:




Options for Purchasing Textbooks:

Note: The Graduate Division does not endorse these vendors. Students may purchase textbooks from any vendor of their choice.

CANVAS Learning Management

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Students: Upon registration, you may log into Canvas to access course content. Note: not all courses utilize Canvas.
Course Leaders: Log into Canvas to manage your course content.


Evaluations must be completed through One45, the online evaluation system. Click One45 to log on to One45.

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