Graduate Programs in the Biomedical Sciences


Frequently Asked Questions

Ph.D. Program

Do you offer financial support for the PhD program? 

All accepted students receive full tuition remission, annual stipend, and benefits (see Stipend & Tuition

How long does the program take? 

The Ph.D. program in the Biomedical Sciences is designed to take five years to complete.

I am interested in going to graduate school part-time. Do you offer a part-time program? 

The Graduate Division does not accept students on a part-time basis.

I would like to get a Master's degree in the Biomedical Sciences. Do you have a Master's degree program? 

The Graduate Division does not offer a Master's degree program.

I would like to transfer into your PhD program. What are the steps that I need to take? 

Students wishing to transfer from another PhD program must follow the same application procedure and abide by the same deadlines.


Ph.D. Application

What is BioMedCAS? 

BioMedCAS is a centralized application service through which prospective PhD students can apply to biomedical graduate programs in the United States. This pilot project is run in coordination with participating institutions, BioGAP, and Liaison.

The goal of the project is to (1) determine if BioMedCAS can streamline the application process for applicants, recommenders, and the graduate programs, (2) help grow and build our understanding of PhD biomedical science applicants as they enter the biomedical workforce, and (3) guide and support applicants as they begin their career in the biomedical sciences

Can I call the Graduate Office to receive the admissions decision? 

Admissions decisions will be mailed after interviews; admissions decisions will not be available by telephone.

Can I call to check to see if my supporting materials have arrived? 

After you submit your application you will be able to track the status of your application by logging into BioMedCAS. This feature will allow you to see when your supporting materials (i.e., Letters of Recommendation, Transcripts, and Official Test Scores) have been processed. Be sure to save your log in ID and password.

Can I get a refund on my application? 

Application fees are non-refundable.

Can I re-apply for the PhD program? 

Yes, applicants who submitted an application to the Ph.D. Program and were not offered admission may re-apply. You will need to fill out a new application in BioMedCAS. Transcripts, and TOEFL scores from your previous application may be used, if still valid. You will need to contact the Graduate Office ( to ensure these items are included in your new application. Additional recommendations and grades from any recent coursework will also need to be submitted.

Do I apply to a specific department? 

All potential graduate students apply directly to the Graduate Division, and not to individual departments.

Do you have a GPA cut-off? 

There are no "cut-offs" for grade point average (GPA). The Graduate Admissions Committee reviews each applicant's total application including recommendations, essays and transcripts.

Do you offer fee waivers? 

We are happy to offer a fee waiver to applicants who have participated in a funded undergraduate science program, such as:

>MARC program
> MBRS program
> McNair program
> Meyerhoff program
> PREP Program
> Gates Millennium Scholar
> Leadership Alliance
> NIH BUILD Initiative

or have attended ABRCMS or SACNAS

Please let us know if you meet any of these criteria, and we will send you further instructions about how to submit the online application with the fee waiver.

Need-based Fee Waivers
A limited number of need-based fee waivers are available. Applicant must meet all eligibility requirements listed below:

> U.S. citizens or Permanent Resident
> Are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at an accredited college or university
> Receive need-based financial aid
> Submit a letter from your Financial Aid officer confirming all of the above and that payment of the application fee would be a financial hardship.

Do not submit income tax returns, FAFSA or other financial documents. If you meet all of the eligibility criteria, please let us know and we will send you further instructions about how to submit the online application with the fee waiver.  

How are applications reviewed? 

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis as they are received.

How do I submit Letters of Recommendation? 

Three letters of recommendation from individuals with direct knowledge of your qualifications for graduate study are required.

All recommendation letters must be submitted electronically through BioMedCAS.

Paper letters of recommendation will not be accepted.

How do I submit my transcript(s)? 

US & Canadian Transcripts
All official academic records – including degree and non-degree programs, community college, and English language programs – from all previously attended colleges and universities should be sent electronically from the institution to BiomedCAS. Follow the BioMedCAS instructions for submitting your electronic transcripts through Credential Solutions, Parchment, or National Student Clearinghouse.

Institutions that have not converted to digital records should mail transcripts to:
BioMedCAS Transcript Processing Center
P.O. Box 9207
Watertown, MA 02471

Do not send your transcripts to Einstein. All transcripts will be processed through BioMedCAS Applicants with Canadian transcripts with French language or grading systems should follow the international transcript instructions below.

International Transcripts
Applicants who have attended institutions outside of the U.S. and Canada should upload unofficial transcripts, mark sheets, and a photocopy of their diploma(s) (with English translation when applicable). All unofficial transcripts with translation must be uploaded to your application before it will be reviewed.

How do I upload my C.V.? 

Please follow the link on the application form for Curriculum Vitae.

What happens after I submit my application and all supporting materials? 

If your application is judged to be competitive, you will be invited for interviews and to visit the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

What term do you admit students for? 

There is only one date of entrance to the PhD program usually at the beginning of August of each year.

When is the application deadline? 

The Ph.D. application deadline is December 11.

When will the PhD Application be available? 

Applications for admission will be available online by September 1.


Ph.D. Interview

How will I hear if I am invited for an interview? 

You can log-in to your application to see if you have received an invitation for interview. Applicants are interviewed January-March.

I have had my interview. How long until I hear regarding a decision? 

If you have an interview, you will be notified about the status of your application within 3-4 weeks.

What exactly is the interview like for the PhD program? 

The interview consists of informal meetings with current students and faculty, social events, and formal interviews with faculty members.

Who covers the expenses for the PhD interview? 

Interview expenses (transportation within the U.S. and hotel room) are covered by the Graduate Division.


International Students

Do you accept international students in the PhD program? 

We do accept international students for the PhD program.

Do I need to submit TOEFL scores? 

A TOEFL or IELTS score is required for applicants who are not native English speakers and for applicants whose degree(s) was earned at a non-English speaking institution. Inquiries about these examinations should be addressed directly to the Educational Testing Service or
For TOEFL Scores: Official test scores should be sent from ETS to BioMedCAS. Do not send your official scores to Einstein.

Instructions for sending TOEFL can be found here
Our institution code is #B765

For IELTS Scores: We are able to accept IELTS scores. Official test scores should be sent from IELTS to BioMedCAS. Do not send your official scores to Einstein.
Instructions for sending IELTS can be found here

Do you accept IELTS scores? 

Yes, we will accept IELTS scores in place of the TOEFL exam.

Can I be exempt from the TOEFL or IELTS exam? 

You qualify for an exemption, if you meet any of the following criteria: You are a native speaker of English, you completed your bachelor's degree (or equivalent) at an institution where the language of instruction is only in English, or you completed a master's degree (or equivalent) at an institution where the language of instruction is only in English.

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