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Felise B. Milan, M.D.

Felise B. Milan, M.D.

Professor, Clinical Medicine (General Internal Medicine), Einstein

Director, Ruth L. Gottesman Clinical Skills Center, Einstein

Faculty Attending Physician, Internal Medicine, Montefiore Health System

Medical educationClinical trainingClinical skills

Clinical simulationsIntegrative medicine

Dr. Milan specializes in the education of medical students, including teaching and assessing communication and interpersonal skills in a clinical setting. She has participated in research to define and develop ways of assessing medical student competency. In addition, Dr. Milan has made important contributions to using feedback in medical education, integrating complementary and alternative medicine into modern clinical practice, and applying behavioral and psychiatric knowledge to the practice of primary care medicine.

Dr. Milan has presented her novel curriculum and educational models nationally and internationally. She currently serves as the director of the Ruth L. Gottesman Clinical Skills Center at Einstein, where students and residents learn in a simulated and monitored clinical setting. She also leads several key educational programs at Einstein for teaching and evaluating students’ clinical and interpersonal skills.