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Volume 31 (2016-2017), Issues 1 and 2, 1-40  

Inside This Issue

Inside this Issue 
EJBM. 2016; 31:1. 
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Graphical Review

Origins and Applications of CRISPR-Mediated Genome Editing
John R. Christin, MS, and Michael V. Beckert, MS. 
EJBM. 2016; 31:2–5. 
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Historical Review

Axillobifemoral Bypass: A Brief Surgical and Historical Review
Priti L. Mishall, MD, Jason D. Matakas, Keara English, Katherine Allyn, Diane Algava, Ruth A. Howe, MS, and Sherry A. Downie, PhD.
EJBM. 2016; 31:6–10. 
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Medical Education

Stemming the Medical Brain Drain: A Personal Perspective on a Global Problem
Saate S. Shakil, MD.
EJBM. 2016; 31:11–16. 
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Case Report

An Uncommon Cause of Acute Abdominal Pain: Primary Epiploic Appendagitis in the Emergency Setting
Scott D. Casey, MS, Joseph DiVito Jr., MD, Jason B. Lupow, MD, and Reshma Gulani, MD.
EJBM. 2016; 31:17–19. 
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Acute Obstructive Suppuration of the Pancreatic Duct Causing Sepsis
Stanley Yakubov, MD, Jack Braha, DO, Joel Albert, MD, Rabin Rahmani, MD, Ira Mayer, MD, and Yuriy Tsirlin, MD.
EJBM. 2016; 31:20–22. 
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Bithalamic Dysfunction in Wernicke's Encephalopathy
Hiroki Nariai, MD, Eric Mittelmann, MD, Constantine Farmakidis, MD, Richard L. Zampolin, MD, and Matthew S. Robbins, MD.
EJBM. 2016; 31:23–24. 
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Nonketotic Hyperglycemia Chorea-Ballism (NKHCB): An Atypical Case and a Review of Literature
Syed H. Shabbir, MD, and Neville M. Jadeja, MD.
EJBM. 2016; 31:25–26. 
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The Burden of Shame
Abhisake Kole, MD
EJBM. 2016; 31:27–28. 
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Lessons on Sickle Cell Disease
Tan M. Nguyen, MD.
EJBM. 2016; 31:29–30. 
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Axillobifemoral Bypass Graft: A Student Dissection Experience  
Jason D. Matakas, Keara English, Katherine Allyn, Diane Algava, Ruth A. Howe, MS, Priti L. Mishall, MD, and Sherry A. Downie, PhD.
EJBM. 2016; 31:31–33.

Medical Review

Autophagy and Schizophrenia: A Closer Look at how Dysregulation of Neuronal Cell Homeostasis Influences the Pathogenesis of Schizophrenia
Jaime L. Schneider, MD, PhD, Ann M. Miller, MD, PhD, and Mary E. Woesner, MD.
EJBM. 2016; 31:34–39. 
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Symposium Abstracts

20th Annual Julius Marmur Research Symposium Awardees
Philip D. Campbell, Fanny Cazettes, Veronika Miskolci, and Dachuan Zhang.
EJBM. 2016; 31:40. 
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Journal Information

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