SIG Acknowlegement Information

Acknowledgement of NIH Shared Instrumentation Grants in Publications

The review of new applications for NIH-funded shared instrumentation grants (SIG) now include an evaluation of the track record of usage of instruments supported by previous SIG awards. For this purpose, SIG applications now require inclusion of a table listing the previous SIG-funded instruments awarded to Einstein with quantification of the publications that specifically acknowledged the awarded SIG grant. Therefore, we are requesting that Einstein investigators acknowledge the specific SIG grant used to purchase the equipment if that device was used to generate results described in any publications or presentations. Investigators should also acknowledge the NIH Center grant that supports the core facility.

Acknowledgement Information

To facilitate this process, we have listed all of the instruments purchased through SIG grants since fiscal year 2009, the specific NIH grants that supported their acquisition and the Core in which they are housed in the table below. Please contact the core facility and/or PI with any questions regarding appropriate citation.

A sample Acknowledgement would be, “This work utilized (insert instrument from below) that was purchased with funding from a National Institutes of Health SIG grant (insert grant number from below)."

S10 Grant Number FY Awarded PI Name Project Title/Name of Instrument Einstein Core/ Department
1S10OD034192-01A1 2024 Weiss, Louis M. IVIS SpectrumCT IVIS
1S10OD034397-01 2023 Aguirre-Ghiso, Julio Advanced Point-scanning Confocal Microscope for a Microscopy Core Facility AIF
1S10OD032183-01A1 2023 Branch, Craig A. 7 Tesla Small Animal MRI MRRC
1S10OD034445-01 2023 Gennerich, Arne LUMICKS C-Trap Gruss Lipper Biophotonics Center
1S10OD026852-01A1 2022 Condeelis, John High Speed, High Resolution Slide Scanner AIF
1S10OD030508-01A1 2022 Dobrenis, Konstantin Light Sheet Microscope Neural Cell Engineering and Imaging Core
1S10OD032169-01 2022 Porcelli, Steven A. Bigfoot Multispectral High Speed Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter Flow Cytometry
1S10OD030286-01 2021 Sidoli, Simone Orbitrap Exploris 480 Basic System Proteomics
1S10OD025295-01A1 2019 Dobrenis, Kostantin Zeiss Confocal Microscope with Airyscan Neural Cell Engineering and Imaging Core
1S10OD026833-01 2019 Porcelli, Steven A. Cytek Aurora Multiparameter Flow Cytometer Flow Cytometry
1S10OD023591-01 2017 Baker, Nicholas E. Advanced Confocal Microscope in a multi-user facility AIF
1S10OD021798-01A1 2017 Kurland, Irwin J. AB SCIEX 6500+ QTRAP with Selexion for Ultra-Sensitive Metabolomics and Lipidomics Stable Isotope and Metabolomics
1S10OD020068-01 2015 Almo, Steve An integrated X-ray data collection system X-Ray Crystallography
1S10OD019961-01 2015 Condeelis, John S. High-Speed/Resolution Whole Slide Scanner AIF
1S10OD016214-01A1 2014 Condeelis, John S. 120kV Transmission Electron Microscope for a Multi-user Microscopy Facility AIF
1S10OD018218-01 2014 Verkhusha, Vladislav Super Resolution PALM/STORM Microscopy System in Multi-User Facility AIF
1S10OD016305-01A1 2014 Cowburn, David Console and Probe Upgrade for 600 MHZ NMR NMR
1S10RR025128-01A1 2011 Angeletti, Ruth Hogue Imaging Mass Spectrometry System Proteomics
1S10RR027701-01 2010 Angeletti, Ruth Hogue Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer System Proteomics
1S10RR029398-01 2010 Angeletti, Ruth Hogue LTQ Orbitrap Velos Mass Spectrometer System Proteomics
1S10RR029545-01 2010 Fine, Eugene MicroPET/SPECT/CT Animal Imaging Device for Translational Research MicroPET
1S10RR027888-01 2010 Khodakhah, Kamran In Vivo Recording and Photostimulation System Dept. of Neuroscience
1S10RR027308-01 2010 Kim, Kami IVIS Spectrum Imaging System IVIS
1S10RR027864-01 2010 Porcelli, Steven A. Digital Extra Parameter (DxP10) Flow Cytometry
1S10RR025554-01A1 2010 Santambrogio, Laura Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope AIF
1S10RR025678-01 2009 Porcelli, Steven A. Laser Scanning Cytometer Flow Cytometry