Country Resources

Numerous online resources feature country-by-country directories of information on travel, security, culture, legal and regulatory requirements, social and ethical practices, corruption indices, and more. Other sites focus on the specifics of an individual country.

This annotated directory will tell you what resources are available, what they do, and give you easy access to each of them.


U.S. Embassies and Consulates
The U.S. State Department provides a country-by-country (and in some cases city-by-city) directory of U.S. embassy and consulate websites. The websites feature recent news, culture, educational programs (including exchanges), and other items specific to that country. You will also find a direct link to U.S. Citizen Services, where you will find content on emergencies, safety, and contact information.

U.S. State Department International Travel
The U.S. State Department International Travel page contains a country-by-country list of information including travel warnings and guidance on health and safety concerns.

CDC Traveler's Health
Find health tips for over 200 destinations, including current health notices and warnings, information about disease prevalence and prevention, and what you can do to stay healthy while on the road.

Study Abroad Student Handbook
The Study Abroad Student Handbook, produced by the Center for Global Education, provides country-specific information for students planning overseas study. Select a country using the interface on their homepage, click "Go," then explore the information provided in the Student Handbook, Checklist, Questions and Resources sections. Each section will contain a combination of general study abroad and travel information and guidance specific to the country you selected.

TI Corruption Perceptions Index
Consult Transparency International's annual Corruption Perceptions Index for country-by-country information that will help you manage risk associated with corrupt practices.

International Resource Center
The NACUBO/URMIA International Resource Center's country-by-country profiles summarize legal and regulatory requirements for university travelers.
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