Department of Cell Biology

Carl Schildkraut, PhD -- Biosketch


Professor, Department of Cell Biology
Chanin Bldg., Room 416

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The Centromere and alpha satellite DNA and the tau protein
Genomic Instability
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Education and Training 

AB (Chemistry), Cornell University
MA (Physical Chemistry), Harvard University
PhD (Physical Chemistry), Harvard University
Post doctoral fellow with Dr. Arthur Kornberg in Enzymology, Stanford University  

Research and Professional Experience 

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Cell Biology,  



National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellow
National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow
Kennedy Scholar
NIH Research Career Development Award
Hirschl Career Scientist Award
Marshall S. Horwitz Faculty Prize for research Excellence  

Advisory Activities 

Biophysics Advisory Panel, Molecular Biology Section, National Science Foundation
Editorial Board of Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics; ChemTracts - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology;
Committee to Review NCI Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology;
Editor, Journal of Biological Chemistry;
Cancer Etiology Study Section, NIH;
Reviewer for numerous Journals including Cell, Molecular Cell, Science, Nature, PNAS, Life and grant agencies including the NIH and the NSF.