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Hematology-Oncology Fellowship Program

The Montefiore Einstein Hematology-Oncology Fellowship offers a 3-year program providing comprehensive experience in clinical practice, clinical investigation, and laboratory science. The program provides outstanding training for those interested in pursuing careers in clinical practice, as well as clinicians who wish to become physician-scientists or clinical scientists with independent academic careers. Hematology training occurs primarily during a dedicated six-month rotation, occurring usually in the first year of fellowship.

Clinical Training
Fellows are guaranteed exposure to and experience with full scope of hematological pathology, including diverse thrombotic and hemorrhagic disorders, rare hemoglobinopathies, myelodysplasia and other stem cell disorders, hematologic malignancies, and various cytopenias.

Lectures & Conferences
Scheduled required conferences include translational conferences, clinical reviews, research in practice, and morphology conferences.

Training Facilities
Clinical training takes place at our two major Bronx hospitals: Montefiore Medical Center and the Weiler Hospital, and at the associated outpatient clinics. These hospitals serve a diverse patient population with a broad range of common and unusual neoplastic and hematologic diseases.

Admission and Application
Application criteria, information for international applicants, required application materials.

Contact Information
Montefiore Einstein Hematology-Oncology Fellowship Program director, coordinator, and administrative office.


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