Division of Hematology

Lectures & Conferences

Fellows are required to attend daily conferences and rounds, including:

  • translational conferences (grand rounds, journal club)
  • research in practice conferences (works in progress, thrombosis rounds)
  • clinical conferences (faculty interesting case, coagulopathy rounds, red cell rounds, transfusion conference)
  • morphology conferences (bone marrow/biopsy correlation, morphology/flow analysis, unusual case morphology, bone marrow aspirate reading)

Conferences, Rounds, and Seminars

  1. Hematology Grand Rounds (weekly)
  2. Morphology Conference (weekly)
  3. Hematology Journal Club (every 2 weeks)
  4. Transfusion Medicine Conference (every 2 weeks)
  5. Faculty Interesting Case Conference (every 2 weeks)
  6. Fellow Interesting Case Conference (every 2 weeks)
  7. Coagulation Case Conference (monthly)
  8. Red Cell Case Conference (monthly, alternating with Coagulation Case Conference)
  9. Hematopathology Conference (monthly)
  10. Leukemia/Lymphoma Conference (every 2 weeks)


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