Who should apply to our programs?

Our students are diverse in every respect. We have recent college grads, many of whom intend to pursue additional graduate studies in law or the medical professions. We also have many participants who are established professionals in law and health, including leaders of bioethics committees, clinicians who themselves teach bioethics, writers, chaplains and many others. Our lively class discussions benefit from the wealth of wisdom and perspectives of our students.

How do I apply?

Applicants need to submit the application, including a personal statement, and a CV. Please identify two references with their contact information, but applicants need not ask for formal letters from their references. All applicants must have completed a BS or BA program or the equivalent. Many applicants have completed additional professional degrees, but this is not required.

Students are only accepted for the fall semester, and both halves of the Certificate Program course must be completed within the same academic year to receive credit.

Applicants must submit the application (with personal statement), plus CV. Also required are two letters of recommendation and an official transcript of the most advanced degree completed. Letters of recommendations and official transcripts must be sent directly by references and institutions to

What is the application deadline?

We use rolling admissions, regularly reviewing applications throughout the year. We keep our classes small to foster an intimate, collegial setting that promotes rich discussion, and our classes fill up! We recommend applying early (near the start of the calendar year) to enhance the applicant’s chances of success.

Although all MS students must complete the Certificate course, they need not start with that. Indeed, many of our students begin with one of our intensive courses (Mediation, Consult Skills, Jewish Medical Ethics) and the subsequently enroll in the MS program.

We allow students with appropriate experience to enroll in a single course; some continue with additional courses but this is not required. We particularly recommend our intensive courses for professionals with an interest in medical communication, and mediation. However, with instructor permission, nearly any of the Einstein Bioethics courses can be taken on its own. Warning: our courses are very engaging and most students who start this way go on to enroll in the MS program!

The Certificate Program costs $3,000 per semester and both semesters are required, for a total of $6,000.

The MS Program requires 32 credits. The total cost is $36,856, which includes courses and graduation fees. Applicants will find that our program compares very favorably to the expense of other Bioethics MS programs. Reduced fees are available to Cardozo and Einstein students, who may add the MS in Bioethics to their current degree for $10,000.

Individual 2 credit courses cost $2382, regardless of whether they are intensive or semester-long courses.

All Einstein Bioethics classes are virtual with the class participating in real time. Cardozo law offers some classes that may be counted toward the MS degree that meet in person; some of these classes may have a hybrid option.

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