Analytical Imaging Facility

Materials and Sample Policies


Live Material:

All work with live material in the AIF must be approved by Frank Macaluso and Vera DesMarais before beginning the experiment. 



Hazardous Materials and Waste policy:

  • Any material that may be hazardous must be pre-approved by Frank Macaluso and Vera DesMarais and by Environmental Health & Safety when applicable.  
  • Do not wear gloves while operating any AIF microscope.
  • We are not equipped for work with BSL-2 pathogens.
  • No radioactive material may be used in the AIF. 
  • Do not put biohazard waste in normal garbage cans. Use the red bins available in the room. This includes: gloves, microscope slides, coverslips, pipette tips, culture dishes, tubes. 
  • If you use material that must be autoclaved prior to disposal, please take your garbage with you. 


Preparation for Electron Microscopy: 

All projects must be approved by Frank Macaluso in advance.  Experimental design, special issues (such as dealing with pathogens), and scheduling must be arranged in advance. Preps are done three days per week on a strict schedule. Click the link to see the guidelines for TEM and SEM sample preparation