Analytical Imaging Facility


New Users

In general, before using the AIF, please make an appointment with Frank Macaluso, or  Vera DesMarais, to discuss your project.  This can help guarantee high quality and useful data from your first interaction with the AIF.

Fees / Rates

The fee schedule for microscope use, effective February 1, 2022, is as follows:

Service Assisted Training Unassisted
Digital Light Microscopes $135.00/hr $100.00/hr $40.00/hr
Confocal Microscopes $135.00/hr $100.00/hr $50.00/hr
Multiphoton Microscope $135.00/hr $100.00/hr $50.00/hr
Super-Resolution Microscope $135.00/hr $100.00/hr $50.00/hr
Laser Capture Microdissection Microscope $135.00/hr $100.00/hr $50.00/hr
Image Analysis $135.00/hr $100.00/hr $25.00/hr
JEOL TEM $135.00/hr $135.00/hr $75.00/hr
FEI Cryo TEM $135.00/hr $135.00/hr $75.00/hr
Zeiss FE SEM $135.00/hr $135.00/hr $75.00/hr


Service Set up Charge Supervised Run
High Capacity Slide Scanner                                         $135.00/hr $40/hr


Investigators who do not have appointments at Albert Einstein College of Medicine or at closely affiliated institutions pay 200% of posted fees.

Frank Macaluso may be contacted for additional information on rates and fees.