About Us

The Global Diabetes Initiative was founded by Dr. Meredith Hawkins in 2008 to combat the global diabetes epidemic by harnessing Einstein's strengths in research, global health, and medical education, and by building strategic global partnerships. Officially renamed the Global Diabetes Institute in 2012, the institute has established partnerships in diabetes research, integrated clinical management, and community health initiatives in India, Uganda, and other countries around the world. We believe in a spirit of collaboration and exchange of faculty, fellows, medical students, and other healthcare providers among our various partner institutions. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation affiliated with Albert Einstein College of Medicine that relies on the generous support of those committed to the fight against global diabetes to continue in our vital diabetes research and education programs.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to overcome the unique challenges of diabetes in resource-limited settings globally.

Discover effective and inexpensive treatments for malnutrition diabetes through world-class research.

Empower local community health workers and medical professionals to engage in effective and sustainable diabetes programs within their own communities.

Act to reverse the global diabetes epidemic through strategic partnerships in medical research and education.

Although there have been significant advancements in health care worldwide, the impact of diabetes remains largely underappreciated. Traditionally thought of as a disease of high income countries, we now know that the vast majority of cases are in fact in low and middle income countries. It is our highest priority to bring attention to this epidemic and to combat it, drawing on resources and expertise from academic and research institutions. Furthermore, we aim to shed light on unique forms of diabetes that afflict people in these settings.

Our goals are tailored towards serving the most disadvantaged persons and populations worldwide. We aim to provide the education and training essential to care for patients with diabetes, including those challenges unique to diabetes in low and middle income countries.

Our model is strongly rooted in education, based upon the principle that teaching empowers. We also firmly believe that education, interventions, and therapies should be tailored to the context in which they are employed. Through strong collaborative partnerships which connect diverse institutions and cultures in the same mission, we believe that we will be able to combat diabetes and its complications globally.