COVID-19 Recovery (CORE) Clinic

The Department of Medicine's new CORE clinic will provide follow-up and recovery engagement to patients who had COVID-19 in order to address their ongoing symptoms and chronic conditions, as well as any new issues that arise related to their COVID-19 infection.

  • Referral Group: Any patient who has had a COVID-19 + test (PCR or IgG antibody), whether the illness was mild and treated at home or severe and required hospitalization.
  • Clinic Scope: The CORE clinic referral will be for patients who have had COVID-19 infection and have:
    • Questions, concerns, and/or new or residual symptoms
    • New or worsening impairments in their physical, cognitive or emotional health after a recent hospitalization
  • Encounters: The CORE clinic will provide a mix of video and phone telemedicine, as well as in-office visits at the MAP-2 location (3400 Bainbridge Avenue).
  • Leadership: Marjan M. Islam, M.D. and Seth Congdon, M.D., from the Division of Pulmonary Medicine will be the CORE clinic co-directors.
  • Eligibility: All Department of Medicine subspecialties will be available for internal referral, as well as multidisciplinary care across other Departments (Rehabilitation Medicine, Neurology, etc.)
  • How to Refer: Patient referrals can be made by calling 844-556-6683, extension #36. Providers can also refer to the clinic by placing an Epic order--Ambulatory Referral to CORE.


Marjan M. Islam

Marjan M. Islam, MD

Divisions of Critical Care and Pulmonary Medicine

Seth Congdon

Seth Congdon, MD

Division of General Internal Medicine

Medical Arts Pavilion
3400 Bainbridge Avenue,
2nd Floor,
Bronx, NY 10467
Call 844-556-6683 Extension #36.

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