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Academic Support

Medical students and graduate students, like most individuals, sometimes feel embarrassed or scared to seek support. Talking about your problems actually takes an immense amount of strength, yet it’s important to move past the stigma surrounding academic and mental health issues to get the help you need. You should also know that, as an Einstein student, it’s easier to get professional help now than it may be after you leave school. This doesn’t mean you won’t run into any problems, but now it is the time to get help.

"Students, just like doctors, need to take care of themselves in order to take care of their patients." 

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FAQS About Academic Support

What do I do if I'm concerned about my grades? 

If you are concerned about your grades, you may consider academic advising. Academic advising in the OASC is one-on-one, confidential, and tailored to a student's academic strengths and weaknesses, learning style, and particular challenges. It's a collaborative process. Tutoring may be recommended. If learning issues are suspected or identified, a student may be given a brief learning inventory and/or be referred for a learning evaluation. Your academic progress will be tracked and you will be encouraged to follow-up with Dr. Kelly. Additionally, students are encouraged to get help early and consult with upper class students, faculty, and administrators as needed.

Since exams are sequestered, can I still see my failed basic science exam? 

Students who fail an exam or receive a borderline passing score, 2 points above the passing score, are eligible to review their exams. (Please see BASIC EXAMINATION REVIEW FAQ).
It can be very disappointing to fail or barely pass an exam...but it does happen. The importance of keeping a low score or a failure in perspective cannot be stressed enough, especially if it's your first...ever. The demands of medical school are different and difficult. You may feel inclined to compare your pre medical school exam performance with your Einstein scores. Be advised that more often than not, continual reference to days before medical school will only make you feel more demoralized. Learning and applying new study strategies relevant to medical school is the task ahead for founded confidence and exam success. An exam review often helps to identify weak and strong areas in your knowledge base.

Did you "feel" more comfortable with the material than you actually were? Did certain question styles throw you off? Was your command of the details insufficient? Did you have trouble with case-based items or have trouble applying your knowledge clinically? Did test anxiety get the best of you? Exam reviews offer you an opportunity to see the exam, learn from your mistakes, and come up with a game plan of what to do differently. Students are encouraged to come to the Office of Academic Support & Counseling for an appointment (Belfer 410A), or to call (718) 430-3154. Please refer to the Basic Science Examination Review Policy submenu for exam review guidelines.

The OASC offers different forms of academic support to include Basic Science Examination Review, One-to-One individually tailored consultation, Peer Tutoring, Accommodations, USMLE Advisement and general support in the clinical years.