Office of Academic Support & Counseling

Course Lectures

Go to your course lectures.  Anticipate that there are often distractions.  These distractions can come from external sources as well from internal sources, e.g., daydreaming.

Tip: To help avoid distractions, sit near the front of the class.  You're less likely to miss something important, and are far less likely to get distracted at the front than any other location.

Practice active listening.

Tip: Thinking is one of the most important things you can do during the lecture.  If you just sit there passively, and not think, the lecture can be deadly.  Think about what the professor is saying before writing down anything.  Writing down each word is a waste of time.  Reorganize in your mind what the professor says, and then write it down.  This way you will be connecting the professor’s words with how you think.  If you do this, your notes will make a lot more sense later on.

Tip: Pay attention to the course outline or syllabus.  Generally, important points and materials are referenced here and repeated.