Einstein’s history—and, undoubtedly, our future—are defined by a deep dedication to benefiting humanity through science, education, and discovery. The strength of our people and programming means we can and do innovate for the real world, producing results that change lives.

Einstein researchers, faculty, and students achieve heightened success with support from philanthropic friends. Below are but a few select examples of how essential contributions have helped change the course of healthcare for all.


Impact Stats

  • 20

    Number of research centers across Einstein developing cutting-edge discoveries and healthcare solutions

  • 20,000

    Square footage of the newly conceptualized Einstein-Montefiore Biotechnology Accelerated Research Center (EMBARC)

  • 36

    Amount of Einstein-driven global initiatives in 20 countries around the world

  • 978

    Number of MD, PhD, and MD / PhD students changing the course of science and medicine

  • 8,000

    Number of students who competed for 183 spots in the Class of 2023, representing 20 states and 17 different countries

  • 178,000,000

    Amount of record-breaking funding dollars Einstein researchers received in 2019 from the National Institutes of Health