Rose F. Kennedy Children's Evaluation & Rehabilitation Center

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Developing Scalable Measures of Behavior Change for ASD Treatments 

Funding: Simons Foundation 

Years: 2015-2018 

Contact: Lisa Shulman, MD 

This study is testing and standardizing a videotaped instrument for measuring response to intervention. 


Sensory Integration Therapy in Autism: Mechanism and Effectiveness 

Funding: National Institutes of Health 

Years: 2015-2019 

Contact(s): Liz Ridgeway- Sophie Molholm 

2015-2019) This trial is testing the effectiveness of sensory integration therapy vs. standard applied behavior analysis upon functional skills. 


LEND Pediatric Audiology Supplement  

Funding:  Health Resources and Services Administration 

Years: ,2016-2021 

Contact(s): Sarah Webster, AuD, Chana Pinkerson AuD 

This grant supports trainee and faculty research, e.g., a planned study of links between early hearing screening and follow-up, and timing of ASD diagnosis. 


Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use in Children with ASD and Other Developmental Disabilities 

Funding: CERC Internal Grant 

Years: 2007 to present, no current recruitment 

Contact(s): Maria Valicenti-McDermott MD MS 

This study found greater use of complementary/alternative medicines among children with autism, vs. other developmental disabilities. 


Age at Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders  

Funding: Core UCEDD grant 

Years:  2007-present 

Contact(s): Maria Valicenti-McDermott MD MS 

Database of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, examining clinical and demographic characteristic. 

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Lisa H. Shulman, MD

Clinical Director, Trauma Services:
Anne Murphy, Ph.D. 

 Associate Director, RFK CERC and Trauma Services:
Camille L. Rogers, M.A. 

Office Coordinator:
George Lucas

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