Rose F. Kennedy Children's Evaluation & Rehabilitation Center at Montefiore

Early Childhood Development / Education

Validation of the Revised Einstein Assessment of Skills (RFK UCEDD, 2016-2017) We re-fielded this brief tool that screens for learning problems in >1200 children in grades K-4. 


Years: 2016-2017

Contact(s): Ruth Gottesman, EdD 


Evaluation of CDC’s Learn the Signs /Act Early Children’s Books to Promote Developmental Monitoring (Centers for Disease Control, 2017-2018)  We are evaluating the impact of children’s books upon parents’ developmental awareness.   

Funding: Centers for Disease Control 

Years: 2017-2018

Contact(s): Karen Bonuck, PhD 


Efficacy of Group Attachment Based (GABI) Intervention for Vulnerable Families (Health Resources and Services Administration, 2011-2015) This clinical trial, based at RFK CERC, tested an intervention to reduce risks for maltreatment in families of birth-3 year olds, many of whom are at risk for developmental delays or disabilities. 

Funding: Health Resources and Services Administration 

Years: 2011-2015 

Contact(s):  Anne Murphy, PhD 


New York City Implementation of GABI: Evaluation- (Administration for Children’s Services, New York City, 2016-2023) We will evaluate the roll out of GABI across all 5 boroughs of New York City. 

Funding:  New York City, Administration for Children’s Services 

Years: 2016-2023 

Contact(s):  Anne Murphy, PhD 


Effectiveness of Autism-Specific Screening in Early Childhood Learning Environments (Empire Clinical Research Investigator Program, 2017-2018) This mixed method study will explore the acceptability and utility of adding autism-specific screening to routine developmental screening, in Head Start.  

Funding:Empire Clinical Research Investigator Program, 

Years: 2017-2018 


Contact(s): Mana Mann, MD 

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Referrals and General Information 

Rose F. Kennedy CERC Interim Director:
Lisa H. Shulman, MD

Clinical Director, Trauma Services:
Anne Murphy, Ph.D. 

 Associate Director, RFK CERC and Trauma Services:
Camille L. Rogers, M.A. 

Office Coordinator:
George Lucas

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