Animal Housing and Studies

The Animal Housing and Studies Facility is housed in Einstein’s Research Animal Care and Use program. The facility provides housing and husbandry services, health care and veterinary support, and regulatory oversight for all animals used in biomedical research and teaching at the college.

  • Housing and husbandry for specific pathogen-free animals as well as conventional animals
  • Isolation housing for animals exposed to biohazardous agents
  • Gnotobiotic (flexible film isolator) housing and breeding of mice
  • Quarantine and rederivation of mouse strains
  • Diagnostic services (necropsy, histopathology, serology, microbiology, etc.)
  • Rodent quality assurance and outbreak eradication
  • Veterinary care and consultation
  • Investigator, staff and student training
  • Compliance with all local, state and federal animal welfare regulations

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Location and Contacts

Animal Housing and Studies Ullmann 1005, Price/Block B118