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The iRIS system, created by iMedRIS, is the electronic submission system utilized by the Einstein & Montefiore research community to submit human participant research protocols online, using a web browser. Protocols submitted in iRIS are routed, reviewed, and finalized electronically.

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11.02 Announcements

On June 15 2021, iRIS will be updated to v11.02. This upgrade includes a new “look & feel” of the system. While all study activities and workflows behave the same, most of the changes lie in the appearance of the Dashboard layout. Improvements include:

  • Cleaner look & feel
  • Shortcut activities that take you to relevant sections of your workspace
  • Customizable filters on workspace, that remain in place ('sticky filters')
  • Ability to view study data, status and history on the dashboard level
  • Ability to create 'study pools' of key personnel, which can later add to a study with one click

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For Help With iRIS

You can email iRIS Support with any questions at

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