IRB Review

The typical progression of a submission through the IRB application process begins when the Principal Investigator submits the study protocol in iRIS.

IRB Review

  1. Pending state
    Several pre-IRB steps occur:

    • Required signatures are collected electronically (PI, Department Chair, other applicable signatures)
    • Education and Training Certifications are verified
    • Application is reviewed by the Conflict of Interest Committee
  2. Received by the IRB
    • An IRB analyst audits the application to ensure all regulatory requirements have been met
  3. Returned for Stipulations
    IF all regulatory requirements have not been met, the PI will receive a notice of stipulation through iRIS, which must be addressed and submitted.
  4. Formal IRB Review
    If/Once all regulatory requirements have been met, the submission is assigned to a member of the Einstein IRB for formal IRB review.

The Einstein IRB strives to maintain an application process that is timely and efficient.

IRB Committees & Meetings