Clinical Research Coordinators

Human Subject Research-Project Navigation
The Research Navigator was created specifically to assist Research Teams in navigating through the entire study cycle, from IRB application to study close-out.

While the Principal Investigator is primarily responsible for the overall design, conduct, and management of the clinical trial, the Clinical Research Coordinator is typically considered the "heart" of the clinical trial - an integral part of the research team. As such, the Office of Human Research Affairs is committed in our efforts to support our CRCs with the resources you need to ensure that your study is being conducted in compliance with the study protocol as well as the federal, state, and institutional guidelines and regulations applicable to the study.

OHRA, in partnership with the Office of Clinical Trials (OCT), promotes CRC efforts by helping to develop educational programs and establish a coordinator network to provide you with a community with whom you can share your experiences and pick up some tips to make your day run a little smoother. We view education as ongoing and dynamic, but we also know that everyone needs initial training to get them started. All new CRCs must complete the required trainings listed below within the timeline set by their supervisors to ensure compliance with institutional policies and regulatory requirements.

Required Training Where to Find It
New Hire Orientation (MMC-Einstein) Human Resources
Montefiore associates: eLearning assigned by manager - New Associate Orientation (NAO) #6560
Einstein associates: Discuss with hiring manager
HIPAA training (for Einstein associates only) Montefiore eLearning - Self assign
Course "HIPAA Refresher Training" #1135001
Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Foundations
Register for the CRC Foundations course and the CRC Advanced course
Guidelines for Conduct of Clinical Research at Montefiore Einstein Clinical Research Guidelines
Good Clinical Practice (GCP)*
Register for initial GCP course or refresher
Human Subjects Research (HSR)*
Register for HSR course
Departmental Research Training (Policies and SOPs) Department Manager or Administrator
Comprehensive Epic/Velos Research Training Submit an IT Self-Service Portal Ticket Review training schedule prior to issuing ticket
Epic Media Training for scanning consents and other research documents Montefiore eLearning - Self assign
Course: EPIC - REQ - Scanning #499001
iRIS Training (Einstein IRB application system) System Guidance available; or contact
IRB Manager Training (BRANY IRB system) BRANY IRB Services or 516-470-6900
BRANY SMART (CTMS) Training Oncology studies: Jill Filipelli (
non-Oncology studies: Eileen Summers (
Greenphire ClinCard Subject Reimbursement System Training Montefiore studies:
Carmen Rodriguez, Greenphire Administrator (
Einstein studies:
Celia D'Armetta-Hughes, Assistant Director Finance (
As Applicable Training Where to Find It
Regulated Biological Material (hazardous goods) Training*
Register for the CITI - Shipping and Transport of Regulated Biological Materials course, which meets the IATA and DOT requirements
Laboratory Safety Training
for associates who collect and process biological samples (including centrifugation, aliquotation, freezing, pipetting, etc.)
Montefiore eLearning - Self assign
Course: Biosafety #606001
Protocol Training Conducted by Study Sponsor
Acuvia eRegulatory Binder System Training Carmen Rodriguez, OCT, Acuvia Administrator (
Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Training Conducted by Study Sponsor
Montefiore Einstein teams can use REDCap for Investigator-Initiated projects
Cayuse - grant submission portal Regina Janicki (
Chanonjoy C. Saha (
ATLAS - defining and exporting health system data for cohort assessment Training manual
if you need help:
*CITI Profiles must list Albert Einstein College of Medicine as the affiliated Institution. All CITI courses noted above are free of charge.

Please refer to the OHRA CITI Training Support Page for instructions on how to access your courses and obtain a copy of your training certification for your files.

A key component of a Clinical Research Coordinator’s job is to maintain accurate and up-to-date study records. Study binders are your protection against non-compliance and potential harm.

The documents below have been prepared for you by the Montefiore Einstein Research Compliance Group, who is available to answer any research compliance questions you might have (e.g., how to set up and maintain your regulatory or subject binder, recording/reporting protocol deviations or clinical adverse events, etc.).

Research is subject to audit and inspection by regulatory agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") and Office for Human Research Protections ("OHRP"). Here are some materials to familiarize you with what an audit might entail.

Commercial Certification and Education