IRB Submissions

New projects must be reviewed by the IRB prior to beginning human research activities. After initial approval, researchers must maintain IRB approval by submitting post-approval applications and reports.

The Einstein IRB utilizes iRIS for all study applications. All applications will be reviewed for compliance with the criteria for approval.

If you are new to the process of IRB review or new to the Einstein IRB, you will need to complete a few steps before submitting to the IRB through iRIS. Please review and complete the following tasks before submitting to the Einstein IRB for the first time:

  • Read the OHRA Investigator’s Manual to understand your role and responsibilities, learn about the IRB review process, and possible IRB determinations
  • Complete all required training
  • Create an iRIS account and get it activated:
    • You must log into iRIS with MMCAD credentials (the Montefiore Einstein user ID and password you use to access our Intranet; different from your email login).
      • If you have an MMCAD username but don’t know your password, contact the Montefiore Einstein service desk at 914-881-4554.
    • After logging in the first time, you must email the following information to iRIS support to have your account activated:
      • Your full name
      • MMCAD username
      • Institution (e.g., Einstein, Montefiore, NBHN)
      • Academic department (and for the Department of Medicine, division name)
      • Status (e.g. faculty, staff, student)
  • Review the iRIS Researcher Guide and watch the iRIS v.11 tutorial on our Training and Education page, or go to our iRIS Support page

The Einstein IRB utilizes an electronic submission and project management system called iRIS. Please review the iRIS Researcher Guide and watch the iRIS v.11 tutorial on our Training and Educational Videos page if you are unfamiliar with the system.

Document Requirements

While all research projects are unique, every new project must have the following minimum elements:

  • Initial Review Application: Electronic document wizard found in iRIS. The Research Personnel List is captured in the Initial Review Application. Review the Initial Review Application Guide for detailed instructions.
  • Research Protocol: Templates are available for download. The IRB will also accept a sponsor or investigator’s protocol. Do not submit more than one research protocol.
Additional Requirements

Depending on the study design and procedures, your submission may require additional documents:

  • Any/all subject-facing documents
  • Recruitment Materials (e.g., flyers, advertisements)
  • Screening Scripts
  • Consent Form(s) (templates available) link to Forms & Templates
  • Surveys/Interview Questions/Focus Group Prompts
  • Study brochure/package insert (if conducting a clinical trial of an investigational product)
  • Required Committee Approvals (Ancillary Reviews) link to Ancillary reviews page in Policies & Procedures
  • Disclosure of any Conflicts of Interest link to COI page in Policies & Procedures
Required Signatures

A protocol cannot be approved by the Einstein IRB unless the appropriate administrative approvals are provided. Please refer to the Administrative Approvals for IRB Applications page to determine the appropriate signatures required on the Signature Page of your application. All signatures must be completed electronically on iRIS. Instructions for this are available in the iRIS Researcher Guide and in the iRIS v.11 tutorial on our OHRA Training and Educational Videos page.

Every new submission requires a protocol – or scientific write-up – of the proposed study.  Use our Protocol Elements Checklist or the peer-reviewed SPIRIT 2013 Guidelines to develop a protocol with all of the necessary criteria included.

If this is your first time submitting to iRIS, please make sure you have completed the steps under “First Time Submitters Start Here” before starting your application.

You can build a new project in iRIS over time; IRB analysts will not see the project until you select “Submit.” This allows you to store documents electronically while developing your project.  Once all study details and documents are completed, click “Submit” for IRB review.

The video below provides a walkthrough of iRIS and the submission process:

All applications for any time of review are submitted through iRIS. Detailed directions for using iRIS, from creating your account to closing out your study, is available in the iRIS 11.02 Researcher’s Guide.

Amendments/Modifications: All modifications to research must be approved by the IRB prior to implementation, except when necessary to eliminate apparent immediate hazards to the human subjects.

Report of New Information: The Einstein IRB requires investigators to report certain events or circumstances that occur during the conduct of a study.  There are specific reporting timelines.  Become familiar with the requirements to avoid non-compliance.

Continuing Review/Study Closure: At the time of approval, the Einstein IRB will determine if and when the approval will expire. The investigator must apply for a new approval period or study closure before IRB approval expires.