IRB Member Training & Education

IRB members are selected to ensure a diverse set of perspectives and expertise appropriate to the many types of research under review. Our IRB members are physicians, researchers, clinicians, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists (among other members of the medical community), engineers, lawyers, non-scientists, and community members; all contributing their knowledge, viewpoints, and hard work.

As an IRB member you are required to read the OHRA published IRB Member Manual. A few key sections of the manual have been reproduced below. Please refer to your Member Manual for instruction on how to prepare and present a protocol review at an IRB meeting. The Member Manual also contains general information on the organization, purpose, and function of the IRB.

New Community IRB Members are required to complete CIRTification: Community Involvement in Research Training

This training, which was developed by the Center for Clinical & Translational Science at the University of Illinois Chicago, provides an introduction to and overview of research.

It can be completed in 3-4 hours and is accessible via this site

  • Select Enroll
  • Select non-UIC Registration
  • Complete all information, select site: Albert Einstein College of Medicine/ Montefiore Medical Center
  • Select Register

All Other New IRB Members who have not previously done so are required to complete the initial CITI training or CITI IRB Member Biomedical Focus course.

The IRB Member Biomedical Focus course provides foundational training for individuals involved in the review of biomedical human subjects research. It provides an overview of IRB responsibilities, tools, expectations, and review processes. It also offers historic and current information on regulatory and ethical issues important to the conduct of biomedical research involving human subjects.

The initial CITI training includes modules covering the history and purpose of IRB regulations, ethical principles related to human subjects research, regulations that apply to studies enrolling vulnerable populations and to various types of studies, as well as good clinical practice. This initial training can be completed in 5 to 7 hours:

  • Basic Course in Human Subjects Research (choose one of the following)
    • Group 1: Biomedical Research (includes EPI) (ID: 555)
    • Group 2: Biomedical Research with Drugs/Devices (ID: 553)
    • Group 3: SBR – Ferkauf, Wurzweiler and Azrielli Students (ID: 556)
    • Group 4: Social and Behavioral Research (ID: 554)

All IRB Members are required to maintain ongoing human subjects research protections CITI training or CIRTification training to maintain their certification by completing a refresher course as required. The refresher courses can be completed in less than two hours.

After completing their ethics credentialing, new IRB members must complete the following training:

  • Observation of two IRB meetings
  • One-hour orientation session with a member of the Einstein IRB Operations Office (this must occur before your first and second IRB meetings)
  • Read the OHRA IRB Member Handbook