Animal Phenotyping (AP) Core

AP Core Director:

Dr. Maria Gulinello


The overarching mission of the Animal Phenotyping (AP) Core is to facilitate translational, IDD-focused research in mice and rats by providing expert advice, hands-on data collection and training, and state-of-the-art technology and data analysis capabilities to IDDRC investigators.

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We offer state of the art equipment, space, software and world class expertise from core staff and faculty to advise and train users, establish and maintain rigor and quality control and develop new testing strategies.

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AP Core Fee Schedule

AP Core Fee Schedule
Type of service IDDRC rate non-IDDRC
Core-run assays** $90.00/hr $120.00/hr
Behavioral Training** $60.00/hr $90.00/hr
Unassisted Use*** $33.50/hr $25/hr

Who to Contact

For additional information about the services and support provided by the Animal Behavior Core , see our Assays Overview or Contact Us.