Current IDD Trainees

First Name Last Name Status Mentor/Lab Research Concentration
Alex Agyemang Research Fellow Ballabh, Praveen Preterm intraventricular hemorrhage and brain development
Ayodele Akinyemi Research Fellow Charron, Maureen Developmental exposures and epigenetic programming immune cells
Jesse Barnes Grad Lachman, Herbert Lowes Syndrome
Shlomit Beker Associate Molholm, Sophie Using EEG and behavior, studying how people with autism synchronize with the external world. 
Coralie Berthoux Research Fellow Castillo, Pablo Role of hilar mossy cells of the hippocampus in Fragile X Syndrome
Ashley Bispo Grad Spray, David C. pain strocytes, and satellite glia
Abigail Carbonell MSTP Jordan, Bryen A novel role for ANKS1B in neurodevelopmental disorders
Noelie Cayla Grad Student Khodakhah, Kamran  Cerebellar projections to hypothalamus, and their role in social behaviors
Florencia  Chena-Becerra  Research Fellow Galanopoulou, Aristea Translational platform to screen treatments that prevent post-traumatic epilepsy / New model of traumatic brain injury
DeBono Christopher Research Fellow Morrow, Bernice Role of Tbx1 in neural crest cell development
Antonio Cibelli Research Fellow Spray, David C. astrocytes, Cx43 and Panx (including COL4A1 mutation studies funded by the IDDRC)
Kelly  Clemenza     Grad Student Sjulson, Lucas Developing novel gene therapies
Dylann Cordova Martinez Grad Jordan, Bryen AIDA-1
Charles Crouse Grad Student Nicola, Saleem M. the Neuroscience of Learning and Decision-Making
Aida Davila Grad Student Kohn, Adam  Hierarchical effects of Adaptation to Naturalistic Textures
Eliezyer Fermino De Oliveira        Grad Student Sjulson, Lucas Hippocampus-accumbens interactions in reward guided behavior              
Migena  Dervishi  Research Fellow Hollander, Eric GABA PAM in ASD -  study the effects of GABA allosteric modulator on social communication
Claudia DeSanctis Research Fellow Francesconi, Anna  Regulation of mTORC1 signaling by Disco Interacting Protein Homolog B (DIP2B
Ilana Deyneko Grad Student Jordan, Bryen & Molholm, Sophie Rare AIDA-1 genetic IDD conditions
Blake Ebert MSTP Dawlaty, Meelad Regulation of embryonic stem cell biology by DNA hydroxylation and how these mechanisms contribute to  development
Julio Flores MSTP Dawlaty, Meelad Enzymatic and non-enzymatic functions of Tet enzymes regulate stem cell identity and plasticity, and their implications in development and cancer.
Ana Francisco Assistant Professor Molholm, Sophie Characterizing brain and cognitive function in specific rare diseases (22q11.2 deletion syndrome and cystinosis) utilizing EEG and clinical and cognitive assessment tools
Elisa Frankel Research Fellow Kurshan, Peri  Intracellular mechanisms of synapse assembly
Jenna Freund Grad Student Buelow, Hannes Dendritic Patterning
Aleksandra Fryc Grad Student Sjulson, Lucas  The role of hippocampal replay in memory reconsolidation
Sayra Garcia Grad Student Putterman, Chaim Role of lipocalin-2 in glial activation neuropsychiatric lupus
Sarah Goebel Grad Verselis, Vytautas Cholinergic Dysfunction in a Mouse Model of Fragile-X Syndrome
Zenobia  Gonsalves Genetics Resident Klugman, Susan Reproductive and prenatal genetics 
Michelle Gulfo Grad Student Castillo, Pablo Role of D2 receptors in the dentate gyrus.
Hayden Hatch MSTP Secombe, Julie Neurodevelopmental, transcriptional, and behavioral consequences of intellectual disability-associated KDM5 mutations
Chris Henry Postdoc Kohn, Adam  Context-dependent processing in visual cortical populations
Anna Jasper Associate Kohn, Adam  Inter-areal communication during  perceptual decision making.
Anna Maria Katsarou Associate Galanopoulou, Aristea Translational platform to screen treatments that prevent post-traumatic epilepsy
Harmony Ketchum Grad Dawlaty, Meelad How DNA methylation and demethylation dynamics are regulated by Tet enzymes during stem cell differentiation and embryogenesis
Shivani Kharod Grad Student Castillo, Pablo Local protein synthesis in presynaptic plasticity
Leila Khatami Research Fellow Khodakhah, Kamran  Interaction of the cerebellum and Substantia nigra reticulata (SNr), in motor and non-motor control
Elliot Kim MSTP Kohn, Adam  Inter-areal communication of locomotion in the visual system
Lily Kolb Research Intern Spray, David C. mechanical transduction in astrocyte endfeet
Michael   Krawchuk MSTP Kurshan, Peri  Align with the lab’s focus on the molecular mechanisms of synaptic development and regulation
Aravind Krishna Grad Student Kohn, Adam  Predictive coding and the role of feedback in sensory processing
Garrett Lee MSTP Buelow, Hannes Synaptic regulation
Xinglei Liu Research Fellow Gennerich, Arne Disease mutations in Dynein
Ian MacArthur MSTP Dawlaty, Meelad Tet enzymes and DNA hydroxymethylation in neural stem cell biology and neurodevelopment.
Samuel Martinez   Research Fellow Berman, Joan Addressing the role of sTREM2 in HIV Neuropathogenesis 
Emilio Merheb Grad Willis, Ian Understanding the Pathogenesis of Pol III-related Leukodystrophy
Erica Moore MSTP Putterman, Chaim The Role of T Cells in Neuropsychiatric Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
José  Moreno-Larios        Research Fellow Sjulson, Lucas Novel methods for high-speed imaging of prefrontal cortex
Vera Nezgovorova Research Fellow Hollander, Eric CBDV vs Placebo in ASD and PWS - study the effects of a novel cannabinoid on irritability
Maritza Onate Research Fellow Khodakhah, Kamran Anatomy of cerebellar connections with the dopaminergic system 
Abhimanyu Pavuluri Grad Student Kohn, Adam  Cortico-cortical communication and computation
Czarina Ramos Grad Student Castillo, Pablo Npas4 and memory engrams in the CA3 area of the hippocampus
Lu Rao Research Assistant Professor Gennerich, Arne Molecular mechanisms of IDD diseases caused by mutations in Kif1a 
Jacob Ratliff Grad Student Batista-Brito The role of long-range inhibitory neurons in cortical circuits
Joshua Reynolds MSTP Putterman, Chaim The Role of Interleukin-6 and the choroid plexus in neuropsychiatric lupus
Jackson  Rogow MSTP Kurshan, Peri  Joining summer 2022 - align with the lab’s focus on the molecular mechanisms of synaptic development and regulation
Sebastian Rojas Villa Research Fellow Buelow, Hannes Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan signaling
Ehsan  Sabri Research Fellow Batista-Brito Neural circuitry of top-down modulation in mice sensory cortex.
Christopher Salazar Grad Student Buelow, Hannes Dendritic Patterning
Asma Beiraghi Salek Research Fellow Castillo, Pablo Early gene activation in neurons 
Manal Salmi Research Fellow Batista-Brito Function of inhibitory circuits in the developmental emergence of cortical visual processing
Marcos  Schaan Profes Research Fellow Kurshan, Peri  Identifying neurexin’s intracellular binding partners in vivo
Alice Servonnet Research Fellow Nicola, Saleem M. Dopamine receptor-expressing neurons of the nucleus accumbens and reward seeking.
Deep Sharma Research Fellow Ballabh, Praveen Preterm intraventricular hemorrhage and brain development
Aubrey Siebels Grad Student Castillo, Pablo Neuromodulation in the Lateral Habenula
Heather Snell Research Fellow Khodakhah, Kamran CACNA1A point mutations and their implication in cerebellar motor and non-motor disorders
Eric Sosa MSTP Greally, John & Castillo, Pablo Genetics of Autism
Luisa Speranza Associate Francesconi, Anna  Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying neuronal structural plasticity. 
Manuel Suarez-Carvajal Grad Student Castillo, Pablo Mechanisms of modulation of inhibition in the Dentate Gyrus
Jada  Summerville Grad Student Kurshan, Peri  Identifying intracellular mechanisms of synapse spacing
Yan Sun Research Fellow Brenowitz, Michael MeCP2 and Mass Spectrometry
Tsz-ho Tang Research Fellow Buelow, Hannes Synaptic regulation
Ying Hong Tham Research Fellow Emmons, Scott Neural cell adhesion proteins in synaptic specificity
Seydanur Tikir Grad Molholm, Sophie The neurobiology of autism spectrum disorders using EEG, behavior, and computational methods
Jaafar Tindi Research Fellow Khodakhah, Kamran Cerebellum in episodic ataxia type2 and dystonia
Araven  Tiroumalechetty Grad Student Kurshan, Peri  Identifying mechanisms of neurexin localization and function
Duy Tran MSTP Sjulson, Lucas & Batista-Brito, Renata Developmental abnormalities of prefrontal cortex and its role in impulsivity
Meera Trivedi MSTP Buelow, Hannes Dendritic Patterning
Juan Vasquez MD Jordan, Bryen The role of AIDA-1 in the maturation of oligodendrocyte-lineage cells
Jorge Vera Buschmann Research Fellow Khodakhah, Kamran  Role of the cerebellum in goal-directed behavior via dopamine modulation.
Kami Wakim Postdoc Molholm, Sophie Autism
Claire Ward Grad Student Batista-Brito Developmental Dysfunction of Parvalbumin Interneurons in Autism Spectrum Disorder
David Whitehead Genetics Resident Klugman, Susan Pediatric Genetics
Alison Xu MSTP Kohn, Adam  Concentration: Understanding the relationship between the pulvinar and visual cortex
Matanel Yheskel  MSTP Secombe, Julie Epigenetic and transcriptional consequences of intellectual disability-associated mutations in the histone lysine demethylase KDM5
Junichi Yoshida Research Fellow Khodakhah, Kamran  Systems neuroscience of the cerebellar - basal-ganglia circuit for associative learning
Yin Zhao Research Fellow Hollander, Eric Intranasal Oxytocin vs Placebo in PWS - study the effects of oxytocin on hyperphagia
Yingjie Zhao Associate Morrow, Bernice The identification of genetic modifier of congenital heart defect among over 1500 22q11.2Deletion Syndrome patients based on whole genome sequencing data
Maximiliano Zuluaga-Forero Grad Student Kurshan, Peri  Understanding the effect of CACNA1A patient mutations on synaptic function