Genetic Engineering and Gene Therapy

The Genetic Engineering and Gene Therapy Core (GEGT) provides access to an expanded array of customized viral and non-viral vectors, cell marking and reprogramming services, and state-of-the-art reagents for site-specific gene insertion. The mission of the GEGT Core is to work cooperatively with investigators to facilitate the development of genetic engineering reagents required for their in vitroand in vivoexperiments.


  • Generating recombinant viral vectors and special non-viral vectors
  • Providing premade and customized viral or non-viral vectors to investigators
  • Generating genetically marked cell clones
  • State-of-the-art reagents for site-specific gene insertion for cell marking, phenotypic correction/modification or down-regulation of gene expression
  • Training, consultation and educational services

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Related Shared Facilities

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