Clinical and Translational Investigations

The Clinical and Translational Investigation Core (CTIC) of Einstein’s Center for AIDS Research provides a centralized, user-friendly gateway for accessing extensive patient data and specimens across clinical care and research sites.  The Core facilitates research through a user-friendly portal to a large database, and stimulates interactions among CFAR investigators to promote translational research, and provides epidemiologic guidance and statistical support.

  • Clinical outcomes database of ~15,000 HIV-infected and >217,000 HIV-negative patients seen at Montefiore Medical Center with key variables for both HIV-related and general medical conditions
  • Epidemiology guidance in study design and analysis; statistical support when needed
  • Access to a specimen repository from HIV-infected and –uninfected individuals, enabled through a general IRB-approved protocol that facilitates overall work, time and expense
  • Assistance in collection of fresh specimens from well-characterized patients and research participants
  • Assistance in conducting behavioral research available through the Preventive Intervention Research Center for Child Health, directed by Laurie Bauman, PhD

Related Shared Facilities
Related Shared Facilities

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Clinical and Translational Investigations Montefiore Medical Center