Clinical and Molecular Virology

The Clinical and Molecular Virology Core provides the infrastructure, reagents (including viral isolates and vectors), training and technical assistance to enable researchers to perform experiments utilizing HIV using the biosafety containment conditions required for HIV research. It also provides comprehensive virological services to researchers not qualified to perform laboratory studies that involve isolation and characterization of HIV, or evaluation of the immune response to HIV.

  • HIV culture and neutralization assays
  • HIV p24 Antigen Capture assay
  • Repository of titered primary HIV isolates and HIV constructs and proteins
  • Patient sample processing and storage
  • High-yield separation of infected cellular subpopulations
  • Viral load determination by HIV RNA copy number in plasma
  • Measurement of serum HCV antibody and plasma HCV virus levels
  • Support for routine and molecular biological techniques
  • Real-time PCR measurement of RNA expression

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Related Shared Facilities

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