Office of Academic Support & Counseling


The Office of Academic Support and Counseling maintains this home page to serve the educational needs of its students and staff and to advance its mission of teaching through the exchange of information. The Office of Academic Support & Counseling (OASC) website also establishes links to information sources outside the University. While efforts are made to assure the timeliness and accuracy of this material, the information is subject to change and error. It is the obligation of users to verify information. Links to parties outside of the OASC are provided solely for the convenience of home page users and do not constitute an endorsement of those parties or any representation as to the accuracy or otherwise of the material supplied by them. The OASC assumes no liability for acts or omissions by third parties or for material supplied by them.

The OASC web-postings are for informational purposes, and are not intended as formal representations of College policy or contract language or obligations. These web pages do not include the full text of the applicable College policies, some of which can be found elsewhere on the EINSTEIN/YU website or within specific EINSTEIN offices. The foregoing is subject to revision without notice by the appropriate College offices and/or Committees.