Research Informatics

The Research Informatics Core provides essential computational and data management support to clinical, translational and basic science researchers. Its mission is to facilitate the study and understanding of biological processes, diseases, and the relationships among them using techniques to derive meaning from raw experimental data. The staff of bioinformaticians, database experts and programmers possess a unique set of skills to ensure proper analysis of research needs and development of well-designed data management systems and analytic tools.

  • Direct collaboration and consultation with investigators in research and database design
  • Transfer, secure storage, and processing of large quantities of experimental data
  • Provision and support of a software “toolchest” for data capture, retrieval and analysis
  • Support for biospecimen annotation and linkage with clinical data
  • Development of tools for integration of data from disparate sources
  • Development and maintenance of clinical research management systems
  • Ensurance of data conformance to national standards to facilitate intra- and extramural collaboration

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