Hepatic Animal Models, Stem Cells and Cell Therapy

This Core breeds unique animals of interest, reproduces animal models, provides training in procedures and consultation in experimental design.  New technologies are developed for animal and human stem cell and cell therapy studies. Primary animal or human liver cells of consistently high quality are isolated and distributed. Liver cells generated from pluripotent stem cells with highly efficient differentiation protocols can also be provided.  Animal use requires ACUC approval for the investigator’s project. Disease models include analbuminemic rat, Gunn rat, LEC rat and Atp7b-/- mice (Copper toxicosis),  and hemophilia A mice, along with additional rat and mouse models for cell transplantation research.  The Core offers training in specialized liver procedures, e.g., partial hepatectomy, bile duct ligation or cannulation, portal vein cannulation, liver perfusion, induction of liver injury or fibrosis, etc. The Core can provide specialized cell culture media and additives for hepatocytes. 


  • Bred animals
  • Isolation and culture of animal and human liver cells
  • Distribution of liver cells generated from pluripotent stem cells
  • Provision of cell culture additives and materials
  • Reproduction of established animal models
  • Training in animal procedures

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Related Shared Facilities

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Hepatic Animal Models, Stem Cells and Cell Therapy Ullmann 505, 511, 610