Biomarkers & Advanced Technologies Core

The Biomarkers & Advanced Technologies Core provides an extensive array of support services ranging from the measurement of a wide range of biomarkers to the molecular quantification of HIV DNA and RNA to the development and implementation of specialized high-throughput assays focused on supporting basic, translational, clinical, and epidemiological ERC-CFAR investigators engaged in the ERC-CFAR mission to prevent, treat, and eradicate HIV-1 infection.

  • Analysis of sera, plasma, CSF, cervical-vaginal lavage fluid, tissue culture supernatants and cell lysates from humans, rodents and macaques for quantification of biomarkers such as cytokines/chemokines, growth factors, and other mediators using high-throughput multiplex platforms and focused ELISAs
  • Production of large quantities of purified proteins in eukaryotic or prokaryotic expression systems for in vivo studies requiring large quantities of biological proteins including specific cytokines, chemokines and monoclonal antibodies
  • Full support for a wide range of molecular assays for evaluating HIV infection including RT-qPCR and digital PCR for quantification of HIV viral RNA and DNA and for the quantification of the latent HIV-infected cell population 
  • Access to the Case Western CFAR Virology, Next Generation Sequencing and Imaging Core  for support for studies requiring deep HIV sequencing and mutational analysis in laboratory and clinical isolates

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