Office of Grant Support


The Office of Grant Support (OGS) provides pre-award administrative assistance to the entire Albert Einstein College of Medicine's community. Our goal is to enable faculty scholars to submit competitive grant proposals and to successfully manage all subsequent non-financial responsibilities of the award, resubmission, and renewal processes.

Considering an application for extramural funding? The OGS can assist with:

            Funding opportunity identification
            Proposal guidelines (e.g. eligibility, forms, institutional data)
            NIH policies, procedures, and jargon
            Awards Committee nominations (for limited submission programs)
            Required registrations for electronic application submissions
            Use of Cayuse 424/SP (electronic grant application resource)
            Submission of Non-competing applications/Just-in-Time/Supplemental Materials
            Communications with grant-making agencies


Contact Us  (OGS: Staff Roles & Responsibilities): 

Office of Grant Support (general-Janicki/McMorrow)  

Dhanonjoy C. Saha, PhD
Director, Office of Grant Support
Belfer, Room 1106A   X3642 

Anindita Mukherjee, PhD 
Assistant Director, Funding Opportunity and Grant Development
Belfer, Room 1106  X3367  

Regina Janicki, CRA
eRA Manager, Office of Grant Support
Belfer, Room 1106  X3643 

Gerard McMorrow, MBA
Pre-Award Analyst, Office of Grant Support
Mazer, Room 1106  X3580  



"I would like to thank the Office of Grant Support (OGS) for helping us prepare our recent grant. As a result, we submitted a stronger, more persuasive application (UG3) that was funded on the first submission. I highly recommend the OGS grant writing services to other Einstein investigators."    

-Dr. Joe Verghese
Professor of Neurology & Medicine
Chief, Integrated Divisions of Cognitive & Motor Aging (Neurology, and Geriatrics -Medicine)


OGS-Assisting Faculty and Staff Beyond the Lab 

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