The Office of Grant Support (OGS) provides pre-award administrative assistance to the entire Albert Einstein College of Medicine community. Our goal is to enable faculty scholars to submit competitive grant proposals and to successfully manage all subsequent non-financial responsibilities of the award, resubmission, and renewal processes.

The OGS can assist with:

  • Funding opportunity identification
  • Proposal guidelines (e.g. eligibility, forms, institutional data)
  • NIH policies, procedures, and jargon
  • Grantsmanship
  • Awards Committee nominations (for limited submission programs)
  • Required registrations for electronic application submissions
  • Use of Cayuse 424/SP (electronic grant application resource)
  • Submission of Non-competing applications/Just-in-Time/Supplemental Materials
  • Communications with grant-making agencies

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Grant Lifecycle

The grants lifecycle is split into two sections, commonly known as Pre-Award (or proposal phase) and Post-Award (or award phase).

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Flash News

Weekly NIH Funding Opportunities and Notices

May 03May 10May 17, May 24, May 31, and June 7.

OGS Workshops

June 2024 (by invitation only)

In-person Cayuse training session

OGS organizes in-person Cayuse training sessions on a monthly basis in the library training room. This hands-on training session is open to invitation only. Our Cayuse Training has been revamped. It involves switching between the new OGS website and the Cayuse Test environment. Access to the Cayuse Test environment will be granted to the participants. The OGS team will be present to answer any questions that may arise during the training session. Our goal with these small training sessions is to increase dialogue and situational questions. To attend the in-person training in April, please send your email request to OGS@einsteinmed.edu.

NIH Notice for eRA commons ID validation change from warning to error

To All Research Administrators:

The NIH salary cap has been increased from $212,100 to $221,900 effective January 1, 2024 Guidance on Salary Limitation for Grants and Cooperative Agreements FY 2024.

The new salary cap of $221,900 should now be used, when appropriate, for all new and non-competing proposals to federal agencies that mandate the NIH cap.

For awarded federal grants and contracts, the $221,900 salary cap should be applied to all existing grants. However, we do not want to create a disruptive process.  Therefore, at your earliest convenience, please process an EPAF with the new salary cap for the next pay period.

Attached is the updated salary cap template.

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Foreign Components

The Office of Grant Support (OGS) and Research Finance (RF) have been in collaboration to address the changing landscape and compliance requirements related to the establishment of planned federal foreign subawards. This is in response to NOT-OD-23-182.

As many of you are aware, NOT-OD-23-182, outlines the terms and requirements that all prime and subsites must agree to establish a subaward. As an institution, Albert Einstein College of Medicine must implement new procedures to ensure compliance at time of application and award.

Pre-Award changes for all grant applications with foreign components:

  1. During proposal planning when PIs, department administrators and study teams are communicating concerning the required sub documents (ie. Budget, budget justification, F&A agreement, signed SOI, etc.) they will need to share that a Letter of Support (LOS) is also required for submission. This letter must be signed by both the foreign site PI and their institutional official. The letter will also need to include specific language that will meet the compliance requirement. The required language to provide the subsite is below:

    We confirm that all appropriate programmatic and administrative personnel involved in this application are aware of the prime awarding agency’s policies, agree to accept the obligation to comply with award terms, conditions, and certifications, and are prepared to establish the necessary inter-institutional agreement consistent with those policies.

    As outlined in NOT-OD-23-182, we will provide access to copies of all lab notebooks, all data, and all documentation that support the research outcomes to the primary recipient no less than once per year, in alignment with the timing requirements for Research Progress Report submission.

    This language must appear in the letter of support (LOS) and the LOS must also be included in the application.

  2. OGS will be utilizing the “Flag” feature of Cayuse to identify all proposals that have a foreign component. This flag can also be utilized by the department administrators when they create the proposals. The flag is “Grant with Foreign Component.” This information will be helpful in our metrics and reporting but has no impact on the application.

Post-Award changes for all awards with foreign components:

  1. Amendments on current foreign agreements will be modified and sent out to all Foreign Subs for signatures
  2. Attestations to the PI in accordance with revised policy and requirements will be sent and tracked.
  3. Revision of Outgoing subcontract template to foreign subcontractors.

The Grants.gov Program Management Office (PMO) schedules system-wide software releases to bring its users new features and fixes. During these releases, downtime will be scheduled to deploy new enhancements. The PMO also performs scheduled maintenance on its databases and Websites in order to provide enhanced IT security and increased network reliability. The Grants.gov Calendar lists anticipated dates for both system-wide enhancements and scheduled downtimes for system maintenance.

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  • For NIH submissions: In the SF424RR, page 2, #14, the Division should be: Albert Einstein College of Medicine. We have new instructions from the eRA commons helpdesk that this is needed in order for the PI Department to populate in eRA Commons and the NIH RePORTER.
  • Proposal Central submissions: Select Indranil Basu as Grants Officer (Signing Official, Authorized Institution Official Representative), Suzanne Locke as Fiscal Officer and Janis Paradiso as Technology Transfer Officer.
  • OGS is organizing an in-person Cayuse training session for the DAs on a monthly basis in the library training room. This small group hands-on training session is by invitation only. Please send your email request to OGS@einsteinmed.edu if you would like to participate.
  • For awarded continuations of incoming subcontracts, foundations, associations, and industry projects, it is no longer required to create an SP proposal record. The RF Award set up template will be revised to ask for the Cayuse project number (A23-XXXX). The RF Award Set-up team will proceed with their review and inputting the award in Cayuse SP & Banner. This does NOT include NIH RPPRs and non-NIH continuations where submission to the sponsor is needed after OGS review.
  • Please use the revised PI Certification form if the PIs choose not to certify the proposal directly in Cayuse SP.

Message from the Director

Hello all,

In this May edition of the newsletter, I will provide details on our institutional submissions, office updates, sponsor updates, internal forms changes, system updates and proposal reminders.

Application Breakdown

Application numbers have been analyzed and from January – May 10th, 2024, Einstein has submitted 307 applications for a total cost request of $384,400,827. These applications were submitted by 45 Departments / Divisions across the institution. 

The funding breakdown: 45% Federal prime25% Federal and Non-Federal subcontracts25% Non-Federal prime, and 5% Industry. We will provide more information on funding success in the coming months.

Office Updates and Reminders

OGS has launched our office hours. Please drop by Tuesday and Thursday from 12-1PM and 3-4PM.

The Office of Grant Support is recruiting for the role of Senior Grants Specialist. Please apply here. We will start recruitment for an additional grant support role this month.

OGS Volume Preparation

Please complete the Qualtrics survey to assist OGS in planning for and prioritizing NIH cycle Deadlines. Please use this link for applications due May 25thJune 5th - 30th, and July 5th.

Reminder: Please ensure that communication and especially any sponsor required clarifications routes through OGS. As the Authorized Organization Representatives (AOR), we will review, provide feedback and offer our concurrence for all direct sponsor communications.

Reminder: SF424 R&R page 1 “Person to be contacted on matters involving this application” list administrator information or Indranil Basu or Morgan McKenna. If you are submitting a DoD application list only OGS contact. SF424 R&R page 2 section for Authorized Representative please list Indranil Basu or Morgan McKenna. Applicant information should include Division as Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Reminder: Central Administration Office Holidays: May 27th, June 12th-13th, June 19th. OGS will have coverage but please be proactive in application and signature requests.

Federal Sponsor Updates and Resources

Notice: To accommodate scheduled Grants.gov system downtime, NIH due dates that fall on or between May 18 and May 21, 2024 will move to May 22, 2024. (Announcement Link)

NSF: Agency has released updated Proposal & Award Policy & Procedures (PAPPG) (NSF 24-1). NSF has implemented common forms (Biosketch, Other Support) for applications on or after May 20th. These forms must be created in SciENcv.

NIH: Peer Review – Simplified Review Framework for NIH Research Project Grant Applications (NOT-OD-24-010). This new framework and structure will begin with submission for due dates on or after January 25th, 2025. Information concerning the framework will be included in updated NOFOs. Resources for Simplified Review Framework webinar and overview of changes are available here.

More to come on these changes including training resources and further updates.

Upcoming Form and System updates:

The revised Cayuse Supplemental form is complete and will be circulated. Version 5.0 will be required for application on or after June 5th. This will be shared directly and uploaded to the OGS website.

Reminder: Cayuse has added a required field to the proposal in SP (Early Approval /Submission Request). If you require early review, select Yes and enter the date in the text box. If you do not require early review, select No. You will need to enter information to complete this field for routing.

Reminder: Cayuse training will continue to be available monthly by invitation. Please contact OGS to request inclusion (OGS@einsteinmed.edu).

Please continue to reach out to OGS for all your research administrative related inquiries. We look forward to continuing to provide a high level of support for your applications as well as clear updates on sponsor requirements and guidance to maximize funding success!

M. Caitlin McKenna

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