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It depends upon the privileges conferred by your department. First, speak with your laboratory head/PI and then your department chair, who will be able to guide you. Please let the OGS know and we will be able to tell you whether you will be allowed to submit grant applications as a PI. There are a few reasons for this, one being that we want to make sure that Einstein has all the required space and instrumentation to perform your research successfully and we can make the commitment so that you can be successful.

It depends upon the type of application and the sponsor. Please Contact Dr. Basu at ex 2238 and he can direct you appropriately.

Please contact or email the specific person who you intend to ask to do the job, or has the responsibility to complete the task (see the list below). You may CC others, but please, do not email (To) multiple people. This will confuse the recipients and no one may take the task to complete thinking another person is doing it.

OR, most likely, more than one person will be doing the job and multiple responses will be sent, creating an unpleasant situation (happened in the past) and of course, we will be wasting our valuable energy and time. Please direct your email to only one person. You may contact others if you did not hear from the recipient in a reasonable time.

Please contact the following individual for specific needs:

Consider the different groups who ask those questions (i.e. students, faculty, staff, etc.).

Most like you have seen a solicitation for a limited submission. It means that some sponsors allow us to submit only a limited number of applications (usually one or two) and these are only by invitations. The applicant cannot submit applications; they have to be nominated by the institution.

Applicants need to submit an application to OGS (contact Dr. Basu, ex 2238) and he sends all the applications to the internal selection committee (the Award Committee) for review. The committee makes recommendations to the Dean and then the OGS allows (nominates) the applicant to submit the application to the sponsor.

The process is similar to the previous section describing the relinquishment of a grant. In this case, the PI initiates the relinquishment statement at his/her old institution and a similar process follows. Please note that it needs to start at least 90 days prior to the start date. The transfer will be significantly delayed if the process starts late.

We are working hard here at OGS and often we have grant deadlines and we prioritize our work. Also, if you send the request to more than one person, it is more likely to assume that another person on the list is doing the work. However, you can help us the following way so that we can respond to your requests quickly.

  • Please send the email to only one person who you believe can and is authorized to perform the task. You may CC others, but address to only one person.
  • Include the grant title (Cayuse title, such as Smith/R01/09.10.2016) either on the subject line or in the body
  • Use your signature line that includes your telephone number.

We will be happy to come to your department and present information session(s) or seminar(s). Please let us know the topic(s) you are interested in and your availability and we will be happy to put something together for you. We need about two-weeks notice. Contact

Getting started

Contact Dr. Indranil Basu ( at OGS.

We will be happy to help you with any aspects of the process. You can contact any of us at OGS and we will guide you to the right places. We make a number of presentations throughout the year and you can attend them. You can go to our website (link) and go to the link entitled, “Seminars.” And you can choose to review any of the many presentations we have made in the past.

PURE is a research information development/resources portal available to Einstein faculty. It is still in the beta-state (testing mode). However, you can log in to system and find out current and past grants awarded to Einstein faculty, create your own profile for others to see, sign-up to get funding opportunities, find experts and collaborators. Contact Dr. Basu at ext. 2238 for details and log in credentials.

PURE is a research and development information portal available to the Einstein faculty. It is still in the beta (testing) mode. However, you can log in to the system and see current and past grants awarded to Einstein faculty members; create your own profile for others to see; sign up to receive notifications about funding opportunities; and find experts and collaborators. Call Dr. Indranil Basu at 718.430.2238 for details and login credentials.

Find funding

Call Dr. Indranil Basu at 718.430.2238 for help in finding funding opportunities from federal and nonfederal sources, industry, and private foundations.

E-mail Dr. Indranil Basu (; he will help you identify a suitable grant that matches your research criteria and aid you with the subsequent grant application and submission procedures.

It indicates the funding opportunity has expired and/or it has been replaced by a more current version. It should not be used to create an application, as it will not be accepted by the funding agency.

In OGS, we have a person and the mechanisms that we can utilize to find funding opportunities (Federal and non-federal, industry and private foundations). Please call Dr. Basu at ext. 2238 and he will help you.

You may wish to follow the PowerPoint presentation that will give you information regarding finding funding opportunities. Please contact Dr. Basu at ext. 2238 and he will help you on the External Funding and New Faculty Orientation.

Just email or call Dr. Indranil Basu (; extn. 2238) and let him know your interests (the kind of funding opportunities). He will put you on the mailing list.

Yes, we will be happy to work with you and find appropriate opportunities for you.

Please contact Dr. Indranil Basu ( at first. He can help you in identifying a suitable grant that matches the preferences/ criteria of your research work and will help you in the subsequent procedures of grant application and submission.

Yes, our office will help you to identify proper funding resources (federal e.g. NIH or others, or non-federal private foundations) and with subsequent steps in grant application and submission. Please contact Dr. Indranil Basu ( for further information.

Develop proposal

Members of the office of grant support will help you conceptualize your idea, develop a team, assist you with writing the proposal and edit it to make it competitive. Contact

Cayuse is our system-to-system portal that grants access to nearly all Federal funding opportunities, and is used for developing and submitting all new, competing, non-competing or renewal applications as well as preparing progress reports, budget modifications, and Other Pre-Award Submissions (OPAS).

It is owned and operated by a company named Evisions, Inc.

For help contact Ray Hosein.

For urgent help (when we are not available) you may call (503) 297-2108 Ex 201 or email at

You may attend a Cayuse training session that is offered periodically. You may also contact Dr. Basu if you need immediate assistance. In short –

  • Select the Create button
  • Complete the Proposal Name field
  • Proposal Name should be filled out using Einstein's guidelines (It's an internal title)
  • Competitive grants: PI's last name/Grant Mechanism/Deadline (e.g., Smith/R01/2-5-16)
  • Non-competing RPPRs/Progress reports: NC-PIs last name/Grant Mechanism/Deadline (e.g., NC-Smith/R01/2-15-16)
  • OPAS (Other Pre-Award Submissions): OPAS-PI last name/Type of OPAS/Deadline (e.g., OPAS-Smith/JIT/2-10-16)

Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Yes, we have received the approval.

We do not. Please contact us if any agency asks for this certification. Please forward the form to us, we will review and sign it whenever it is appropriate

DUNS: 081266487, Unique Entity ID: H6N1ZF5HJ2G3, EIN: 83-0621846 and Congressional District: NY-014. However, when you try to create and application, it will be auto-filled into the application by Cayuse. If you need this and other institutional information, click here.

DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services), Contact - Darryl W Mayes (212 264 2069)

Agreement date: 03/14/2023.

Suzanne Locke and Indranil Basu, respectively

We provide grant-proposal advisory services for any type of federal or private grants and awards. We will arrange appointments with grant advisor, who can help you write a grant proposal. Contact

We can help you with many aspects of the application development. Contact us and we will tailor our help according to your needs. We can help you contact a statistician (Dr. Mimi Kim, ex 2017) who can help you with study design, a grant advisor who can help you put your idea into a fundable research project and edit your application to enhance readability and understandability, and provide other resources. Please note that grant development/editing services are provided at no cost to you or your department – it is free.

Most Federal and non-federal applications do not require these approvals at the time of application. You can submit the application indicating these approvals are pending. The sponsor will contact you (or the OGS) for approval dates if they need it. For Federal purposes, it is called the Just-in-Time (JIT) process. We will submit the documentation at the time. However, you need to be ready, as they give a short window for submitting the information.

You do need to provide the FWA number (for human subjects research, 00023382) and Animal Welfare Assurance Number (for animal research, A3312-01) in your applications. This information will be auto-filled when you create your cayuse application.

Yes, we have a grant advisory service and we will help you to conceptualize your idea, develop the team, assist you with writing the proposal, and edit it to make it competitive to optimize our success. Please contact

It is required to fulfill internal and external legal and compliance requirements. By signing the documents, we are agreeing that we have a system in place that complies with all Federal, State and local legal and regulatory requirements.

Like many foundation grant applications, The Charles H. Revson fellowship falls under the ‘invited application’ category. Each year, we, on behalf of the Dean’s Office, announce a series of invited applications (including the Revson fellowship). The list of the awards funded by invited applications is found in our website (All these invited applications are organized and processed by an Award Committee. Please contact Dr. Indranil Basu ( for further information.

Please search the Einstein's website, and type your department name. All the necessary information is provided there. If you are not successful, contact

You can add a person by following the instructions below:

  • Click on the “People” tab to check if they are listed
  • Key persons should not, ideally, be manually entered in the actual application; they should have a professional profile in the People section that can be auto-filled in the application, as certain setting will allow for auto-calculations/proper auto-fill functions on Cayuse.
  • Auto-fill sections are indicated by a pencil icon on the right side of the text field

You may contact Ray Hosein or can do it yourself as follows:

  • Click on the “+Person” icon
  • Type in the person's name and any other information you want to add (departments, etc.). In most cases, you need to click “Create Affiliation”
  • Select the appropriate educational institution. All internal personnel should choose Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Inc.
  • Fill in the eRA Role: which should be PI, for investigators, and administrative personnel should be listed as “Assistants”

Please send an email to Ray Hosein, including all of the following:

  • Institution Name
  • Address
  • DUNS number
  • Congressional District
  • Fringe Rate
  • IDC rate
  • An institutional profile will be created
  • It is not necessary to create a new institutional profile for a consultant from another institution

Yes. Contact Ray Hosein and he will guide you through it.

Please contact our office (or Indranil We will provide you with all the necessary information from the very first step to writing the application.

Yes, we provide all necessary grant proposal advisory services (for any type of federal and private grants/ awards). We will help you to contact and make appointments with grant advisor at Einstein. Please contact Indranil

You are not doing anything wrong. You just need a delegation of authority to work on the proposal.

To delegate authority OGS must have a signed delegation/routing form on file. That form can be found in our website.

Please complete the form and send it to Ray Hosein and he will link you to the PI's application. This needs to be done only once for each PI.

As part of compliance and legal requirements, we need at least the one form stating that the PI knows what is being submitted on his/her behalf and agrees to all expected internal and external requirements. While electronic signatures are accepted, administrative staff signing on behalf of a PI is not.

Under Federal and State regulations certain businesses are considered MWBE that are owned by designated minority individuals (African Americans, Hispanics, American Indian and others) . Certain Federal and State agencies require that we give a certain portion of our business (if there are any service sub-contracts, not the scientific collaboration/contract) to the MWBE. Therefore, we must plan and implement this. Our Purchasing Department (Randi Osi, Ex 8883) will help you develop this plan (however, our office will certify it when needed). They also track and report the data to the specific agencies as required by law. Please allow at least two weeks to complete this.

Because the routing has begun, and all editable fields are locked (grayed out). We strongly suggest that all such fields be filled prior to routing. If they haven't, routing has begun, and time constraints now require these fields be worked on before routing is complete…please contact our office so that we can unlock the proposal. That means we will give you editing permissions. Please save the proposal and exit out before you contact us. Kindly give us the exact title (Cayuse title, not the application title) so that we can easily find the application). It is better that you copy and paste the title in an email. It will expedite the process.

Yes, except some fellowships where standard items are included and totals indicated.

Budgets that are developed in modules where each module is $25,000, detailed budgets are not required. NIH requires on most research grants that if the direct cost budget is not greater than $250,000 any year in annual direct costs that is a multiple of $25,000, a modular budget must be developed. Generally, the annual total DC is constant overall years. Please note that the $250,000 limit does not include overhead of the consortium partners. In other words, the direct costs may be higher if you have consortium. You may get an error message when applying, but it will go through and NIH understands this.

Yes. We need it for our internal record keeping and audit purposes although NIH does not need it.

Yes for each year and for the project must agree.

The current base salary per Banner or latest EPAF.

You need to explain the exception in the comments box of the proposal summary. We will review it and may need additional review by the Associate Dean for Administration and Finance, on a case-by-case basis. You may need a support letter/email from the department chair in such a case.

Yes, but only Montefiore and Yeshiva. Please disclose this in the proposal summary, including the name and title of each person. If the person is from Montefiore, add MMC ORSP to the Cayuse routing chain. If the individual is from Yeshiva, add Finance Yeshiva to routing chain.

Yes, it is required. Please note that some efforts must be included in any budget.

No, if a person is contributing in a project, some effort must be indicated.

Usually, it is not permitted. However, in certain circumstances, it can be permitted that needs to be reviewed and approved by Associate Dean for Administration and Finance. Please send an explanation justifying the needs on the comment section of the summary on cayuse. You may need a note from your department chair as well.


Einstein's Federal negotiated rate—currently 34.8%.

Please provide a funding source to cover the difference. A note or a letter from the department chair may be needed and approved by Associate Dean for Administration and Finance.

Yes. Please explain if it is not being budgeted. It needs to be reviewed and approved by the Associate Dean for Administration and Finance. Please contact me and I will process the request.

If a person on an NIH budget makes > $221,900, use $221,900 as the base salary. Some other Federal agencies and other grantors may use these guidelines.

Yes. Make a note in the proposal summary and attach a reference from the grantor website stating that they require it. The following agencies use the NIH salary cap: AHRQ, SAMHSA, CDC, HRSA, ACF, ACL, CMS.

Yes, but they have a very different salary cap and they are USDA and NASA. Please check the current salary cap when you need it. The salary cap changes every year.

Any individual item (instrument, tool, device) costing at least $3,000 per item per Einstein's Federal negotiated rate agreement. Federal threshold, however, may vary.

Budget for each subcontract and a signed consortium page or Face page also for each subcontractor (collaborator).

Budget and a signed consortium page or Face page (whatever the prime wants if they want a document). They may also ask for a copy of our F&A rate Agreement, fill out sub-recipient monitoring form, various certifications and, in some cases, name and salary of five highest paid employees. The OGS can provide all the documentation except the last item (salary for highest paid employees). You may wish to contact Research Finance for this information.

Yes. Please do not worry if your direct costs go over the usual $250,000 or $500,000 due to the indirect cost of the sub-recipient. You may have a warning, but the application will go through and NIH will understand the variance.

  • Research, on-campus, 68.00%
  • Research, off-campus, 26.00%
  • Other sponsored activities, on-campus, 35%
  • Other sponsored activities, off-campus, 26%

Our rates are calculated based on MTDC (Modified Total Direct Costs).

Most non-Federal sponsors do not pay overhead. They may have their own rate policy. If you are preparing a budget for a sponsor that does not pay overhead, you must obtain the policy from the sponsor (or the website) and add it to the document section of the Cayuse proposal. You may also cut and paste it in the comment section of the summary page.

If the rate is not 68%, please find the rate in the grantor guidelines and include it in the document section of Cayuse.

Attach grantor guidelines showing overhead is not allowed.

Get an email from an officer of the grantor explaining their policy and add this to the document section of the cayuse application.


As a direct cost but it generally is not included as part of a direct cost cap or modular amount.

The first $25,000 of costs of each subcontract during a funding cycle. This $25,000 include the subcontract's indirect cost

It is customary and acceptable, by most federal agencies to budget 10% overhead if they do not have a rate agreement but are asking for it.

Please see the process under Cayuse.

Yes, please include it.

Either in the comments box of the proposal summary or with your approval.

Route and submit proposal

Any individual who has access to this portal would receive this notification, time to time, as some of the documents need to be uploaded or updated every six months. Do not worry, we get the same email. OGS will take care of it.

Grants Gateway works a bit differently than other portals. “Delegated Administrator” access allows you to work on behalf of the PIs in your department, and PIs are considered “Grantees” although the Albert Einstein College of Medicine is the “Grantee Institution.” When you get an email that Grantee signature is required, that means that the PI needs to log in and approve the application or any changes/modifications made.

You may see a number under the Task button indicating that you have a task to finish. Click on the Task button and you will see what you need to do. After you review the changes (if you need to) click on the “Status Change” button on top of the screen. Click “Apply Status Change” and you are in business – done. It will come to the AR/ AOR and he/she can approve it, if required.

Please note there is no automatic notification from Grants Gateway and I would not know if I needed to do anything. Please let me know so that I can complete the review and approval.

It means that the application is waiting for OGS review and approval. Please let me know and I will take care of it.

You need to contact Dr. Indranil Basu who must review and approve the application before it can be received by the State. You may receive a confirmation after he (OGS) submits it. Please allow sufficient time for the submission. This system is not very easy to navigate. It is very different from

It means that the application is waiting for review and approval by the office of grant support; please get in touch with us.

There could be various reasons. First, email If nothing is apparent, check with IT, or check your SPAM or Trash folders.

Ideally, eight days. Exceptions are made, but it can be a lengthy process involving various departments and there are many factors that can delay approvals. If a grant submission is “last minute,” it is up to the PI and/or his/her administrator to make sure they contact every department involved (and monitor the progress) in order to get it through on time.


The support is usually available. However, it depends upon the type of the grant application and time of the year. Please check with the OGS or look for an email announcement offering the service a week or so before the major deadlines.

Please prepare and route the application ahead of time and have it approved in Cayuse. Please note that you must notify the OGS ahead of time so that we can make the arrangements.

Contact or Ray Hosein.

First, create an application in Cayuse and route it. At the same time you need to develop the application in Grants Gateway, NYS grants submission and management portal. All grants and contract applications to the State must be developed and submitted through this portal.

The PI and you must have access to this portal. Please contact Dr. Basu and he will give you access. This portal is not as friendly as NIH eRA Commons or Cayuse. Please have patience, and you may need to start long before the deadline. Unlike a submission, the portal needs two layers of approval. First, the PI needs to submit, and then the application comes to Dr. Basu. He needs to finally submit to the agency. Please do not wait until the last minute. This system does not allow it.

The order is as follows:

  • PI
  • Chair
  • Office of Grant Support
  • Dean’s Office
  • As Needed: CCI (Einstein’s IRB), IACUC, and/or EH&S (if Humans, Animals or Health/Safety issues are involved)
  • OGS-Budget
  • Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR)*
  • FCOI (Financial Conflict of Interest)
  • Office of Biotechnology (if applicable)
  • MWBE (if applicable)
  • Graduate division (if it is a graduate student fellowship)

Federal guidelines suggest that applications be submitted two days before that deadline so that the applicant can review the correctness of the submission and resolve any difficulties that may arise in the submission process. Please contact We will do anything we can to resolve the issue and submit the application on time. However, we cannot guarantee any submission, which comes to us after 3:00 pm on the deadline date, as staff may be busy with other submissions.

Post-Submission additional materials

In most cases OGS can sign it. Financial Institution information is as follows:

Bank Address: 4 Metrotech Center, 14th Floor Brooklyn, NY 11245
Contact: Carol J Phillips, 718 242 0175
Account Name: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Inc.
Account #: 709621267
Account Type: Business Checking
ABA #: 021000021
For International Only
SWIFT Code: - CHAS US 33

Cayuse is our document repository, as well as the means for internal approvals. Modifications should not be attempted without internal approvals. Therefore, it is necessary to create an OPAS (Other Pre-Award Submission) to handle these administrative tasks.

Yes, as long as you have at least 30 days before the review date. Please prepare a short note explaining the situation and send the note to OGS along with a PDF copy of the acceptance letter (NOT the manuscript, itself). We will send it to the CSR and the program office and ask that it be included in the grant folder.

You are also allowed to send other information, such as news of promotions, salary increases etc.

In general, JIT can be submitted via eRA Commons. Once you complete the form and upload the information in eRA Commons, we will be notified, and we will electronically approve it. Please contact Dr. Basu (x2238) for further help. In some rare instances, you may need to email it. Please prepare the email, attach all the documents in Cayuse and an AOR from OGS will submit the information.

JIT submission from other sponsors can usually be done via email. Please follow the email procedure when requested. Please contact Dr. Basu (x2238) for further help.

Occasionally we receive notifications from NIH to verify if one of our investigators is not barred from receiving Federal funds. We must confirm that the name of a person(s) appears on SAM in not the same person at Einstein. To verify this, please follow the following procedure:

    1. Please go to SAM website (

    2. Click on the looking glass on right under Search Records

    3. Enter the name you want to search in the text box (i.e., Enter your specific search term) on the new page under the Quick Search tab

    4. Name(s) appear on a new page, and click on right on the tab, View Details

    5. Now, determine if it the same person that we have here at Einstein. Then send Dr. Basu an email confirming it. He will review it and notify NIH of our findings.

    6. If we cannot verify through SAM, then OGS will contact Einstein HR for verification. *Note: This may delay the process.

Award set up

Any agreement must be reviewed by our legal department before it can be prepared for institutional signature. Please forward the agreement to OGS, we will take it to the legal (sometime, the Office of Biotechnology may be involved, if there are any issues related to intellectual properties or patents) and prepare for signature.

Associate Dean for Administration and Finance

Let the OGS find the alternate signatory. Usually, Dr. Ed Burns shall sign it and, if both persons are not available, Dr. Harris Goldstein will sign these agreements.

The OGS would prefer that you contact us first at 718.430.3643

You may, however, please notify us and upload the signed documents in to Cayuse. This applies to any documents. We prefer that any significant correspondence with the sponsor and signed documents be uploaded into Cayuse on a timely manner.

Project mgmt.

You can route it to any of us. However, please do not route the eRA Commons RPPR unless the RPPR has already been routed and approved in Cayuse. We cannot submit it unless it has already been internally approved.

Two individuals are responsible for reviewing and approving the OPAS. Generally, OGS-budget (Gerard Mcmorrow, Ex 3580) reviews the financial aspects and OGS-Office of Grant Support reviews all other aspects of the application. The OPAS will be delayed in moving forward if they are out of the office. In that case, if something must be done immediately, you may contact to move it forward.

Although you must develop the application in cayuse, you will not be able to submit it directly from Cayuse (no S2S submission). This is true for NYS Grant Gateway applications as well.

It depends upon the type of the grant and time left in the project period. Please contact Research Finance, who can give you proper direction. You may also contact the Program Officer to know ahead of time the likelihood of receiving approval. The OGS shall sign a letter/email supporting the PI and send the request to NIH (assuming that you have followed the procedures with Research Finance and have a letter for the PI). Please send us the contact information at the NIH where to send the request.

This is as follows:

  • PI
  • Chair
  • Office of Grant Support
  • EH&S is the ONLY compliance department who wants to see the application, if applicable.
  • OGS-Budget
  • FCOI

You work with Research Finance to get the correct amount (for some grant types FFR must be submitted before the request can be made), describe the situation that led to the excess funds and write a plan on how you will spend the funds to carry out the aims of the project. Send the information, including the contact information of the persons (program officer/grant management specialist or the email that you have received) to OGS and we will communicate it with them. Please note that only an AOR can submit the information.

We get the same email as you do. Please contact Nancy Glassman at the library (718-430-3108 or and she will help you. Please CC us at OGS so that we know that someone is working on it.

The Office of Grant Support gets hundreds of emails a week. Nearly every request made post-submission/pre-award involves several emails going back and forth and it became nearly impossible to keep track of them. OPAS in Cayuse keeps the relevant documents in specific grant folders and keeps a (virtual) “paper” trail of activities and modifications for the future use/reference. Everyone involved can have easy access to what was submitted and approved.

Include a budget and the RPPR or at least the section D (participant page) and the carryover question, which should be answered “yes,” or “no.”

Look at section D and check OBIEE to be sure months on section D correspond with salaries listed in OBIEE.

For section G—carryover, I look at OBIEE and be sure if the surplus is >25% of the award, mark that 25% will be carried over and provide explanation for NIH. If some of the surplus will be spent by end of budget period and carryover reduced to less than 25%, please explain in the proposal summary comments box how the surplus will be reduced.

OPAS should not be routed. Please email Dr. Basu

Close out

It probably means that the fellowship has ended and we need to submit proper documentation and a termination notice through the NIH portal, X-train. Please contact Research finance (Sobhan Chaudhry, to resolve it.
The PI can initiate a relinquishing statement (on eRA Commons) that must include the name and DUNS number, and a contact name and email address at the new institution, the relinquishing date and the amounts. Please contact Research Finance for the relinquishing amounts. Route the form to OGS/a person at Research Finance and they will take care of it. The form also can be completed manually and send to your program officer and the grant management specialist depending upon the situation. As such, our Research Finance department processes relinquishing statements; however, it requires OGS review and approval.