Our Team

Our goal is to enable faculty members and other scholars to submit grant proposals and to manage subsequent non-financial responsibilities of the award, resubmission, and renewal processes.

OGS Dept Functions

  • Find funding opportunities and offer one-on-one consultation with interested trainees and faculty members, including state, federal, private, and foundation sponsors
  • Targeted dissemination of funding opportunities
  • Interpret proposal guidelines and help with building application materials- eligibility, forms, institutional data
  • Demystify DoD, NIH, NSF and other federal and non-federal policies, procedures, and jargons
  • Grantsmanship: Assist with writing, editing, proof-reading, proposal review and critique and creating more competitive proposals

Meet Our Team

The Office of Grant Support (OGS) is comprised of four individuals who provide pre-award administrative assistance to the Einstein-Montefiore community.

Morgan 'Caitlin' McKenna
Morgan “Caitlin” McKenna


Belfer 1106

  • AOR (Authorized Organizational Representative), SO (Signing Official), Business Official (BO)
  • Policy and procedures, seminars, trainings, and workshops
  • Agreement and contract negotiation with sponsors
  • Unique Opportunities, BAA opportunities, large grants, and contracts
  • Manuscript editing and enhancement
  • Complex and multi-institutional and multi-PI grants
  • Grants and awards data, letter of support, and certification
  • International grants and collaborations
  • Diversity Supplements, Loan Repayment Programs, Fellowship Training, and other specialized grants and training programs
  • NYS Grants Gateway budget modification, submission, and approval
  • Post-submission material and communication (PRAM) and FRAM
  • Sponsor communication and final approval of all submissions
  • eRA Commons issues related to submission including ASSIST (Contract Indranil first)
  • Change of funding opportunity or type for an application
  • DMS document review
  • Institutional certifications
Indranil Basu
Indranil Basu, PhD, MBA

Assistant Director

Belfer 1106

  • AOR, SO, and Business Official (BO)
  • Assisting with day-to-day operations of the office. Training and workshops for funding/grant development
  • Finding funding and OGS updates – SPIN Portal. One-on-one consultation for strategizing grant development
  • Faculty profile in “PURE” research portal (for networking and communication). Templates for grant applications, and DMS issues
  • Limited submission application management. Contacting the sponsors/agencies
  • All non-federal grant processes, including NYS grants. IACUC, IRB, COI liaison, NCE, RS, FIS and JIT submissions.
Gerard McMorrow
Gerard McMorrow, MBA

Senior Pre-Award Analyst

Belfer 1106

  • Authorized Organizational Representative(AOR), Signing Official (SO)
  • Budget development, review and budget revisions (pre-award only)
  • Collaboration letter review and preparation for signature
  • Face page review and processing for signature
  • Indirect cost reduction/waiver, no salary support request processing
  • Letter of Intent (LOI) and statement of Work review and processing

What OGS Does

  • Manages Awards Committee nominations (for limited submissions)
  • Helps with submission of non-competing applications, Just-in-Time (JIT), Supplemental Materials, Research Program Progress Report (RPPR)
  • Provides institutional data, letters of support, sample applications
  • Assists with communications or communicates with grant-making agencies
  • Helps with submitting Relinquishing Statement (RS), Final Invention Statement (FIS) and No Cost Extension (NCE)
  • Helps with finding resources for improving grant applications

OGS Roles and responsibilities (Coming Soon)

Effectively Communicating with OGS

  • The OGS is always ready to offer effective services.
  • Please remember while emailing OGS for a specific task send your email to one person who you believe can do the work and CC others.
    • Emails to multiple recipients (more than one name on the “To” line) cause confusion amongst ourselves.
    • The response to your request may be delayed or create multiple responses further delaying the resolution.
  • If you unsure who is responsible for a task, send your requests to OGS@einsteinmed.edu and we will forward it to the appropriate person.