Einstein Institutional Information

Applicant Einstein, not PI or affiliate institution. Affiliate address can be filled in on performance site.
Einstein / DUNS # 081266487 (auto-filled by Cayuse)
Unique Entity ID UEI H6N1ZF5HJ2G3
Person to be contacted regarding the application Morgan Caitlin McKenna, Assistant Director, Office of Grant Support (select from drop-down menu). DO NOT change any info (especially email address)
Employer Identification Number 83-0621846
Tax Identification Number (Auto-filled by Cayuse)
(user either EIN or TIN for Item 6, SF424 face page)
Type of Applicant Private Institution of Higher Education (select from drop-down menu)
(Auto-filled by Cayuse)
Congressional District NY-014
Zip Code + 4 10461-1900
Animal Welfare Assurance Number D16-00200 (auto-filled when "yes" is selected for Animals)
AAALAC Accreditation Effective Date 02/22/1983
FWA/ Human Subject Assurance Number 00023382 (omit "FWA" prefix/auto-filled when "yes" is selected for Humans). Expiration date: 12/31/2028
IPF number (Old) 9433501 (New) 10053556
Authorized Representative Indranil Basu (auto-fill from drop-down menu/use email address of departmental contact for particular grant application)
F & A Information Indirect Cost Type is: Modified Total Direct Costs Cognizant Agency, etc. is:
Darryl W. Mayes
Deputy Director
Division of Cost Allocation
Indirect Cost Agreement Date is: 3/14/2023 (Auto-filled by Cayuse)
OSC/SFS Vendor Identification Number 1100217838
Participant Identification Code (PIC)-European Funding 882860536
Federal Interagency Committee on Education (FICE) Institution Code 2903
Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code 87UV8
Cognizant Government Audit Agency HHS
Room 1067 Cohen Building
330 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, DC 20201
NYS Grants Gateway Pre-qualification Pre-qualification # GDV-PQ-0000000973 8/22/2013
Description of Core Facilities http://einsteinmed.edu/research/shared-facilities/investigator-resources/
Financial contact on subaward agreement, attachment 3b Suzanne Locke
Authorized Official on subaward agreement, attachment 3b Suzanne Locke
SAM Registration Date 8/14/24
NY.gov OASAS Provider Number 85360
Public charity status 501(c)(3)
Checks Should be Payable to: Albert Einstein College of Medicine and sent it to:
Attn: AnnMarie Solis, MBA
Research Finance Manager
Finance Department
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
718-430-2786 (phone) · 718-430-8675 (fax)