Biohazard Flow Cytometry

The Biohazard Flow Cytometry Core provides high-speed cell sorting and multiparameter flow cytometric analysis for work involving agents posing a documented or potential biohazard. The laboratory is set up to enable high-speed sorting and analysis of unfixed human primary cells and cell lines under conditions that comply with safety standards recommended by the International Society for Analytical Cytology and approved by our Institutional Biosafety Committee. Resources are also available for sorting and analysis of various infectious agents, including many human pathogens such as HIV requiring up to Biosafety Level 2 containment.

  • High-speed cell sorting using MoFlo-XDP or FACSAria
  • Multiparameter flow cytometric analysis using MoFlo-XDP, FACSAria, FACSCanto II and FACSCalibur
  • Laser scanning cytometry using Compucyte iCys
  • Magnetic antibody-bead-based sorting using Miltenyi Biotec SuperMACS
  • Consultation on biocontainment requirements for cell sorting experiments
  • Assistance with biohazard flow cytometry experimental design and data analysis
  • Training on operation of high-speed cell sorters and analyzers under biocontainment conditions

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Related Shared Facilities

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Location and Contacts

Biohazard Flow Cytometry Chanin 308/309 (main lab), 624C; Price/Block 159