Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)


Stipend, Tuition Waiver, and Benefits

Tuition waived for all years (MD and PhD Programs)
Stipend: $45,000 per year for all years
Medical Insurance
Subsidized on-campus housing (guaranteed studio apartment, rent $894/month)
Free membership to the athletic facility
MSTP Retreat


MSTP Retreat

Every 18 months all MSTP students, their faculty mentors, and select guest speakers gather to discuss current topics in science, medicine, and ethics. This gives MSTP students a chance to meet other MSTP students, talk with numerous faculty members from all fields of science and medicine, and discuss hot topics of ethics in the biomedical sciences. And do not forget that everyone is required to relax and have some fun while enjoying the beautiful Edith Macy Conference Center setting.


Continuity Clinic

Graduate electives, lab work, and time preparing and defending a thesis could result in a student losing touch with medicine and the clinical environment. At Einstein, however, MSTP students in the lab have the opportunity to attend the Continuity Clinic, an MSTP-run ambulatory outpatient clinic. This weekly clinical experience is designed and tailored for MSTP students in their research years, to ensure they stay in touch with patients and the clinical atmosphere in which they are treated. Specifically, the Continuity Clinic teaches the concepts of history-taking, physical examination, patient presentation, and primary care while reinforcing knowledge acquired in the first two years of the curriculum.


Clinical Pathology Conferences

In addition to the Continuity Clinic, Clinical Pathology Conferences give MSTP students the chance to keep in touch with medicine while pursuing their research interests. In these conferences, which are open to MSTP students in any stage of their training, participants are provided with a clinical case and the associated pathobiology prior to a group meeting. Later in a small group setting, students meet with an attending to discuss the case, techniques of differential diagnosis, the presentation and management of the patient, and the associated pathology.


Luncheon Series

The first year in a combined MD/PhD program can be a little intimidating. At Einstein, all first year MSTP students gather together once a week for lunch with the Program Director and/or Associate Director. This provides an opportunity for students to seek guidance from their peers and the program leadership, ask questions about the program, and give feedback to the program director.


New Faculty Seminars & Career Speakers

Einstein MSTP students attend a variety of seminars. Some of these opportunities, however, are tailored just for MSTP students. These include talks given by new faculty members, faculty members with potential projects for students, Einstein MSTP alumni, and career speakers addressing current hot topics.


Laboratory and Clinical Environment

The students in our programs are an integral part of our research efforts, and are considered to be colleagues in learning and discovery. The traditional boundaries between academic departments are nonexistent at Einstein, and laboratory doors are truly open to all students. Multidisciplinary scientific interchange is a tradition at Einstein, and is fostered both by physical proximity and the presence of a variety of institutional research centers.

Additionally, students at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine are exposed to a very large and diverse patient population in both public and private hospitals. This results in a clinical education just as unique and valuable as the student's research experience.

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