Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)

Alternate Pathway

Application to the MSTP Program through the Alternate Pathway

Einstein medical and graduate students in their first or second years may apply for admission to the MSTP program via the Alternate Pathway. Alternate Pathway applicants must identify a Ph.D. thesis mentor who will sponsor their application. Applicants must have performed, at least, a summer research rotation in the proposed mentor's lab. The applicant must commit to performing their Ph.D. thesis research in the sponsor’s lab and the mentor must commit to supporting the student’s stipend and fringe benefits during the entire time they are in the Ph.D. phase of the MSTP program. Students accepted via the Alternate Pathway will receive a stipend ($42,000), health insurance and tuition remission during their remaining time in the program. They do not receive any reimbursement for tuition already paid. Each year between two and six students apply to the Alternate Pathway.

Students interested in the Alternate Pathway must discuss their application with Dr. Myles Akabas , MSTP Director, preferably early in the application process. Applicants must write a 1-2 page proposal for a thesis project. This is to provide a point of discussion during the interviews. Applications and letters of recommendation from research mentors are due in early February. One letter should be from your Einstein sponsor. Contact Maria Cuesta or Debra Donato in the MSTP Office (Belfer 202) for Alternate Pathway application forms and deadlines. Applicants will be interviewed by two members of the MSTP Steering Committee. Final decisions will be made in May.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am a student in the Einstein Graduate Division and have taken the GREs. Do I need to take the MCATs? 

  • Yes, you must take the MCATs and you must meet all of the medical school AMCAS application deadlines for completion of the application, submission of transcripts and letters of recommendation. See the Important Dates webpage for details.

I am an Einstein Graduate Division Student. Do I need to complete the Einstein MD/MSTP Secondary application? 

  • Yes, after completing the AMCAS application you must also submit the online Einstein MD/MSTP Secondary Application.