Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)

Student Life

When training to become a physician scientist, lifestyle decisions may be more important than in any other graduate training program. It takes students about 7 years to graduate from the MSTP at Einstein. And during that time students live the lives of students, laboratory researchers, and student physicians. There are times that are stressful and times that need to be celebrated, so if you are not comfortable and happy where you are living, life can be pretty rough.

Fortunately, the Einstein MSTP boasts some of the happiest students in the country. Housing is on-campus, affordable, and spacious. Athletic and parking facilities are connected to the housing complex. Health care and stipends are generous. Beyond the necessities, Einstein also has the neighborhood and community that make students feel like they are a part of something. All of this and you are only a bus ride away from the center of Manhattan.

 The Einstein MSTP Student Council (MSC) contributes to enriching the program and student life. MSC Presidents: Current MSC president Dayle Hodge with recent past-presidents, Jaime Schneider, David Gross, Joy Hazleton and Keith Hazleton