Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)


First year Einstein MSTP students take courses designed specifically for MSTP students (listed below) and 4-5 graduate school classes based on their individual scientific interests. In addition, during first year Fall semester MSTP students take a subset of the medical school courses: Immunology, Pharmacology/Pathology, Health Systems and Health Equity, and Introduction to Clinical Medicine. The latter two continue through the Spring and Fall second year. During the first year Spring semester the the medical school organ system courses that combine physiology, pathophysiology, histology, and pathology begin. Students take Pulmonary System, CV System, GI System, Hematology, Renal Systems. During the second year Fall semester, MSTP students do an MSTP Reading Elective with their PhD thesis mentor and complete the medical school organ system courses, Nervous System and Human Behavior, Endocrine System, Musculoskeletal System, Infectious Diseases, and Reproductive Systems.

MSTP students must complete a total of 18 credits of graduate school courses. Students who have not completed these courses during the first year do so during their third year. Students entering with a Master's degree in a scientific discipline relevant to their thesis research are only required to take 15 credits of graduate school classes.

Descriptions of these courses can be found below.

MSTP Courses:
Below is a listing of the MSTP-specific courses.

  • MSTP Physiology (Summer)
  • MSTP Anatomy and Embryology (Summer)
  • MSTP Pharmacology (Fall MS1)
  • MSTP Reading Elective (Fall MS2)

Medical School Courses: 
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Graduate Division Courses:
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