Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)

Questions About Admissions Process at Einstein MSTP

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about admission to the Einstein MSTP:

Are all applicants interviewed?

  • No. Once your application is complete it will be screened by members of the MSTP Admissions Committee. We typically receive about 450 applications and interview about 90 applicants. About 14-16 students enter the program each year.
  • If you are not interviewed your application will be passed, depending on your request on the secondary application, to either the medical school or graduate school for further consideration.

How are admissions to the MSTP program determined?

  • Admission to the MSTP program is solely determined by the MSTP Admissions Committee. On the interview day, applicants have two formal interviews with members of the MSTP Admissions Committee. The written evaluations from these formal interviews together with the entire application package are distributed to the members of the MSTP Admissions Committee. The committee meets approximately once per month to discuss the pending applications.

When will I hear whether I have been accepted by Einstein’s MSTP program?

  • We have a rolling admissions process. Acceptances are mailed following the MSTP Admissions Committee meetings that typically occur about four to six weeks after each interview date. Students who do not receive immediate acceptances will be placed on the MSTP Wait List. As positions become available, the MSTP Admissions Committee makes offers to applicants on the MSTP Wait List. Applicants not offered an interview or a position by the MSTP will be considered by the Medical School Admissions Committee or the Graduate Program Admissions Committee based on your choice on the MSTP Secondary Application. 
  • If you are accepted by the medical school but not by the MSTP program you should strongly consider matriculating into the medical school and then reapplying to the MSTP program via the Alternate Pathway. The Alternate Pathway allows students in the first and second year of medical or graduate school at Einstein to apply to the MSTP program. There are typically 2 to 6 applications and 0 to 2 students accepted per year.

If I am accepted by the Einstein MSTP will I have a chance to revisit Einstein?

  • Yes, all accepted students are invited to revisit Einstein. The revisit date is in mid-March. If you are unable to attend on the revisit date you should contact us and we can make individual arrangements. Travel expenses and hotel accommodations are paid by the program.

What is the deadline for completing the MSTP application?

  • The AMCAS deadlines must be met. The AMCAS application must be completed by October 15 and all of your transcripts submitted to AMCAS by November 1. Your entire completed application, including the Einstein Medical School Secondary Application must be received by December 1. Applications that are incomplete as of December 1 will not be considered for admission to the MSTP program. Please note that we have a rolling admissions process and we strongly encourage you to submit your application as early as possible.

I have worked in only one lab during my time in college. The secondary application asks for two letters of recommendation from previous research mentors. What should I do about a second letter?

  • Just provide the name of your one research mentor and write "I only worked in one lab." in the space for the name of the second research mentor.

Does the Einstein MSTP accept international students?

  • For the class entering in 2024, the Einstein MSTP will NOT be able to accept applications from International students. We do accept applications from individuals with DACA status. As with all applicants, in order to be eligible to apply, students must have completed at least three years of study toward a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university in the U.S. or Canada. They receive the same financial support as US citizens and permanent residents.

What are the minimum acceptable GPA and MCAT scores?

  • There is no minimum score. Each application is read completely before a decision is made as to whether to interview an applicant. This decision is based on the applicant’s entire package. There is a strong emphasis on the extent of prior research experience, the recommendations from research mentors, and the applicant's essays and motivation for a career as a research-active physician-scientist. For the 2022 entering class the average GPA was 3.69 (range 3.17 to 3.94) and the combined MCAT score was 512 (range 492 to 523).

Does Einstein make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities?