Office of International Services (OIS)

Permanent Residency

 Albert Einstein College of Medicine sponsors individuals who are employed in full-time positions who we anticipate will have a reasonable expectation of continued funding. The intent of the sponsorship is that the institution expects to have a position available for the individual at the completion of the Permanent Residency process.

The processing time for an application for Permanent Residency status can be lengthy. The total processing time may take upwards of three years, so sponsoring departments will need to have continued funding available to support this request.

While general information on the Permanent Residency application may be provided to individuals, the OIS requires that the sponsoring department indicate it's support of the application before any application materials are given to the employee. This may be done by submitting a letter or e-mail to the OIS. The OIS will meet with the individual and review the required application documents.

All applications for Permanent Residency must be submitted to the OIS for approval to ensure that the applications have the appropriate Dean's Office signature and that the content of the University information is accurate.

Applications submitted on an individual's behalf by an outside attorney must be submitted to the OIS for institutional review and approval before they are sent to the USCIS.

The official Einstein policy document can be found here.