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As part of the Einstein experience, all medical students (with the exception of MSTP students) are required to submit a Scholarly Paper (SP) in order to graduate. The College offers a broad range of research and service opportunities enabling students to pursue their individual interests and enhance their education beyond the core curriculum. Participation in these experiences helps facilitate the development of ideas for a scholarly project and a plan for the project to evolve into a Scholarly Paper. Further, each student will select and work with a mentor for support and guidance through the duration of the project, including preparation of the manuscript. Mentors can also have a significant impact on your professional development and career choice. The intellectual effort that goes into planning and executing the SP project requires dedicated time. This can be accomplished during the summer between your first and second years, as well as during the fourth year elective time.

While many students work in groups for the Scholarly Paper projects, each student may submit his / her own SP on a different aspect of the overall project. The same SP may not be submitted for more than one student. Students do not have to have published SP's nor be first author on the SP. However, they must have contributed substantive work towards its completion, as testified by their mentor. Regardless of the SP project and the co-author status, each student must submit a unique SP to meet the graduation requirement.

Existing research opportunities include working with faculty at Einstein, Montefiore Medical Center, or at other institutions, participating in international programs, and enrolling in Master’s degree-granting programs in clinical research training or bioethics.

Einstein offers stipends in the form of various fellowships, including stipends for the summer after the first year, for research electives in the fourth year, and 12-month fellowships for a “pull-out year,” usually after the clerkship year.

In thinking about your summer plans and the other opportunities we offer, we encourage you to take a broad view of medicine and health and find an area that excites you. Ideally, this area of excitement will also align with the focus of your Scholarly Paper. The Office of Medical Student Research is available and eager to help you accomplish this. Please call Ms. Donna Moscato at 718.430.2080 to make an appointment with Dr. Vagish Hemmige. Note that the Office of Medical Student Research is located on the 5th floor of the Harold & Muriel Block building.

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