Threats to the Learning Environment

Mistreatment: this is behavior that is directed at a medical student.


  • Public Humiliation
  • Threat of or actual physical harm
  • Being required to perform services unrelated to patient care
  • Being subjected to unwanted sexual advances
  • Being subjected to offensive remarks
  • Receiving lower grades or evaluations based on gender, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation

Hostile Learning Environment: this is behavior directed at others, including patients, staff and fellow students.


  • Witnessing disparaging speech and/or nonverbal communication about an individual. This includes humor that belittles or demeans an individual or group.
  • Witnessing shouting or displays of temper.

Unsafe Patient Care Practices: these are behaviors that put patients safety at risk.


  • Witnessing errors that result in injury.
  • Witnessing behavior directed at healthcare providers which affect the quality of patient care.

*These are meant to be examples and not an all-inclusive list. If you aren’t sure, it’s better to confidentially report possible threats than to keep it to yourself.