Biomarker Analytic Research

The Biomarker Analytic Research Core (BARC) performs processing and analysis functions for Einstein and Montefiore investigators. The facility provides uniform, accurate, and cost-effective specimen collection and biomarker analyses in support of research. As the initial step of ensuring accurate measurement, the BARC assists in the handling of blood, tissue, and other sample processing.  Specimens can then be analyzed internally or sent to another lab/core for measurement.  Locations for processing include our laboratories at Einstein and Montefiore’s Moses campus.  BARC also carries out over 88 separate biomarker assays.  The data is generated from various instrumentation and supports diverse methodologies.

  • Sample Processing
    • Routine processing of specimens including aliquoting, barcoding and ordering of testing through Montefiore’s pathology     
    • Courier transport of specimens between the Moses campus and Einstein.  Also certified in IATA packing for shipment
  • Analysis
    • Hormone and cytokine measurements via RIA/ELISA /TRF
    • Lipid and routine chemistry measurements via UV/Vis
    • Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry instrumentation for high sensitivity measurement of hormones and stable isotope dilution assays
    • Automated methods for measurement of multiple markers from one source specimen

Location and Contacts

Biomarker Analytic Research Van Etten 4B22, Forchheimer G19 and Moses Research Pavilion 4th Floor