Prizes and Awards

National Academy of Medicine (NAM)’s Healthy Longevity Global Competition: This is a unique opportunity that only requires a 2-page narrative submission. NAM Catalyst Awardees will each earn a $50,000 USD cash prize, unlock exclusive access to future funding opportunities, and become part of a global interdisciplinary network! The application period opens January 29, 2024 and closes March 11, 2024, at 11:59 pm EST. Individuals and teams may learn more and apply here.

The NAM Healthy Longevity Catalyst Award Competition offers $50,000 USD prizes to individuals or teams with bold, new, and potentially transformative ideas that aim to improve the physical, mental, or social health and well-being of people as they age. The NAM strongly encourages individuals with diverse backgrounds, ideologies, and perspectives to apply. Ideas or projects that aim to reduce health disparities, promote health equity, combat ageism, or apply human-centered design principles to engage older adults in the work, are also of strong interest to the NAM.

Ideas with the potential to dramatically change health as we age—even if they’re high-risk—are encouraged in this unique competition. No preliminary data are required when submitting an idea. Applications may originate from any sector, field or combination of fields (e.g., biology, chemistry, medicine, engineering, behavioral and social sciences, technology, data science, and policy). Most US-based individuals or teams are eligible to apply.

In addition to the winners, all Catalyst Award applicants advancing to the final stages of the review process will automatically be considered for additional funding as part of the subsequent phase of the Global Competition, the Accelerator Phase, with awards from $150,000 to more than $1 million USD. Awardees from both phases will be well-positioned to compete in 2026 for the NAM’s Grand Prize for a breakthrough innovation in healthy longevity.